Fashionable shoes for September 1, 2013 in school - photo

Fashionable shoes on September 1, 2013 photoDo not have time to look back as the child needs to be collected again to school after the summer holidays. In this article we will leave aside the search for clothes and the choice of accessories for the school, and let's talk about fashionable shoes for September 1, 2013.


It seems that the stores have everything your heart desires, and it is not difficult to choose smart shoes for the pupil. But looking at the windows, you understand that in this abundance it's easy to get lost.


Holiday shoes on September 1: tips


So, be sure to choose shoes for the first of September, along with the child, taking into account his wishes. In addition, remember that school shoes must meet several requirements: to be aesthetically pleasing, fashionable and comfortable.


Always give preference to classic strict shoes, distinguished by muted colors. Never buy very bright or decorated with a large number of elements of shoes. Among the huge number of modern models of children's shoes, you are sure to be able to find exactly the pair that will please both you and your child.


Do not force the schoolchild to wear shoes of past seasons or spoiled and ugly shoes.Do not forget that September 1 is a solemn event, and the child should look appropriate on it.


It is especially important to take into account the parents of high school students, since it is adolescents who demand their appearance. Moreover, they always react painfully to the comments and ridicule of their peers. Let the shoes for the first of September be stylish and fashionable.


Fashionable shoes for September 1, 2013


Along with beauty and aesthetics, children's shoes to school should also be comfortable. For example, girls are not recommended to give preference to shoes with very narrowed toes or high heels, although they are fashionable this season.


Inconvenient shoes can lead to deformation of the foot. You should not buy very heavy or hard shoes, as they will rub feet. Shoes with a minimum number of fixtures are also unsuitable for both the first of September, and for school everyday. You should always pay attention to the sole: it should not slide.


Fashionable shoes for September 1, 2013


Ideally, school shoes should be soft and light, but at the same time equipped with strong and reliable backs. When choosing, experts recommend to give preference only to shoes made from natural materials.For example, shoes with rubber soles and an unpleasant smell should not be bought.


And one more requirement in the selection of shoes and clothes for September 1 is always to remember the sense of proportion and not to forget that at school you need to look stylish, strictly and aesthetically. Dark or neutral colors and a strict model of shoes here will look much more appropriate than bright shoes with high heels.


Remember - to look stylish and attractive, there is no need to dress defiantly, especially when it comes to such a solemn event as the Day of Knowledge.

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