Fatal mistakes when washing jeans: how to avoid them

There are jeans in the world that cost more than a million dollars. And even if your loved ones are not so expensive, it still doesn’t hurt to find out how to keep their incredible color that attracted you to the store.


Jeans should preferably be washed by hand, as this is a more gentle method. True, gentle jeans, not your hands. Soaking jeans is better not in a basin, but in the bathroom, where they can be spread out at full length.

While soaking (no longer than one hour) add 1 cup of vinegar and 2 tablespoons of sugar. Mix all the ingredients in a small amount of water before pouring into the water for washing. This mixture will help prevent fading of bright color.

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Water should not be hotter than 40 degrees! Forget about washing powders: because of them, metal parts look faded. Use sparing otstiryvayuschie funds - liquid detergent, shampoo or soap.

Use a soft brush to clean your jeans, paying more attention to stains: first from the inside, then from the outside. Do not rub jeans against each other!

If you use soap, then lather a brush, not a cloth.

Machine washable

Experts oppose machine wash, but you need to be realistic: most people don't have the time and energy to do it manually. Therefore, we have compiled the rules on how to wash in a typewriter and do without losses.

Wash jeans better turned inside out. While you will turn out, at the same time and shake everything out of your pockets.

Choose a gentle mode: the temperature should not exceed 40 degrees, and the spin intensity - 600 revolutions. High temperature is bad for jeans. In addition, they can sit down. Ideally, if your washing machine has a denim mode, simply install it and calmly go about your business.

The rule about powders also applies in this case: it is better to use liquid detergents. Add half a cup of vinegar to the water before rinsing to keep the color bright.

Wash jeans with other dark clothing (black, gray or blue), as this will prevent fading.

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Denim fabrics do not like bright light and high temperatures. Forget about electric dryers and a sunny balcony.Let them dry naturally away from sunlight.

Do not twist the jeans, but just gently squeeze.

Straighten the fabric to avoid creases, advises. And so that there are no creases on the legs of the legs at the bend, place a folded towel under the jeans.

Universal Tips

The less often you wash your jeans, the longer their bright color will remain. If you accidentally put a stain, try to remove it without erasing the whole thing.

If you just want to freshen up your jeans, put them in the freezer, packing them in a tightly closed bag. To get rid of odors, you can spray them with a mixture of water and vodka, mixed in a 1: 1 ratio.

If the jeans look wrinkled, sprinkle them with water, fold in half and roll. Thus you can and store them to avoid wrinkles.

By the way, there is a completely insane life hacking: some people wash their jeans right on themselves. They simply sit in warm water, rub off the stains with a brush, then get up, rinse the jeans with their hands and walk on them until they dry.

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