Foam Toys

Often we throw out things that seem absolutely useless to us. But sometimes even from nothing one can do something original - to the joy of children and adults. Many homes have the remains of foam, which lie and gather dust. Let's try to make something original from them. And if not, then any housewife will find sponges for dishes - we will find another use for them. Now I will tell you how to make a soft piglet, a butterfly toy for Christmas party, the simplest frame inserts and a set for applications from foam rubber.
For work, we will need the following materials: foam rubber of different colors, buttons, scissors, stationery knife, sewing threads, a heat gun with glue, geometric figures cut from cardboard, a drawing album, a pencil, PVA glue, a brush. Toys from n orolona
Getting Started. Piglet: 1. For this toy we take two equal foam-rubber circles as a basis. If you do not have foam of this shape, then we cut out with ordinary scissors or a clerical knife.In the place of attachment make a wide surface for bonding. To do this, cut off part of the circle with scissors. Glue with thermogun. At the junction of the toy, at the same time, we squeeze in the horizontal plane for 1-2 minutes, you do not need to press from above.
 Foam rubber toys
2. We cut out ears, paws and legs from foam rubber of the same color. We make the attachment points slightly rounded.
Toys made of foam
3. Glue the body parts to the body, glue the eyes of the green buttons.
 Toys from foam rubber
4. You can stop at this, but you can still make a mouth of a red button - this is more realistic.
 Foam rubber toys
Piggy ready, you can play. Now I will tell you how to make a butterfly out of foam: 1. With foam sponges gently remove the bottom rough layer. Cut each sponge diagonally into two triangles. From black foam rubber we cut a long rectangle for a calf and two thin rectangles for antennae.
 Toys from foam rubber
2.Slightly departing from the upper edge of the body, we tie it with black sewing threads. It will be a head. The ends of the threads should be rather long. With their help, you can hang a toy on the Christmas tree.
 Foam Toys
3. We glue all the elements with a thermogun and get a ready-made butterfly. Fast and graceful!
Toys from foam rubber
Very little is needed to make the baby the first frame inserts: using cardboard blanks, we cut holes in foam rubber. Everything, by inserting a circle or a triangle into the holes, the child will take himself for a while, and you can take some rest.
 Foam rubber toys
And finally, I’ll tell you how to make an application kit from foam rubber. To do this, you need to cut all the remnants of foam rubber into different shapes or just as it will.
 Foam rubber toys
These pieces will need to be used for application, after having sketched a picture on a sheet of paper and smearing objects with glue. This activity is not only fascinating.It will allow you to develop fine motor skills, study geometric shapes and colors, and just brighten up your usual way of life. All the best to you and creative success!

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