Funny and modern scenes for the New Year for children

New Year's holidays are a good time to communicate with children. Parents and children are jointly preparing for the cherished date - decorate the house, decorate the Christmas tree. And if on December 31 or January 1, guests are expected who also have children, this is a reason to prepare a scene for display on the New Year's Eve. Learning and rehearsing the role will bring great pleasure to the children.

Very many scenarios for the holidays sin long and complex preparation. It is better to learn a few small scenes than one big and confusing story. They can be shown with breaks in games and contests for guests.

The scenes below are suitable not only for the home - you can use them when preparing a holiday at school or in kindergarten.

Best funny scenes for children

Child under the Christmas treeShort funny scenes will amuse both children and adults for the New Year 2019. Mini-performances will make the holiday fun and memorable.

Letter to Santa Claus

Daughter: "Mom, please buy me a 96-sheet notebook!"
Mom (surprised): "Why are you so fat?"
Daughter: “I will write a letter to Santa Claus what gifts I want! To make sure everything fits! ”
Mom: "Just do not forget to write to your grandfather how you behaved this year!"
Daughter: “Well, if you write what is good, it will be a lie. And if you write what is bad - I don’t see gifts like my ears. ”I’ll write like this:“ Dear Grandfather Frost! During this year I made a lot of pretty original deeds! ... "

Order for Santa Claus

Son: "Dad, I just sent a letter to Santa Claus!"
Father: "And what did you order him, I wonder?"
Son: "Oh, quite a bit ... Just a designer, a machine gun and a laptop!"
Father: “These are all wonderful things, of course! But maybe not worth asking for a laptop? And then a long list is obtained ... "
Son: “Oh, what are you so worried about? Not you will buy gifts, but Santa Claus! ”

How to get a gift

Child: "Mom, are you glad that the New Year is coming?"
Mom: "Well, of course, glad!"
Child: "And you will receive a New Year's gift from Santa Claus?"
Mom: “Santa Claus comes only to children! And I probably will buy a gift dad. "
Child: "What would you like to receive from him?"
Mom: "To be honest, mink coat! But I'm not sure that he will give it to me ... "
Child: “And you try to fall to the floor, shout and kick with your feet! It always works for me! ”

About Vovochka

Teacher: “Little Johnny, is it possible to relate to learning like that? What is day, then deuce! If it goes on like this, your father will soon have gray hair. ”
Little Johnny: “Oh, this will be a great gift for him for the New Year! And then he's really bald! "

Funny scenes for teens

Girl by the fireplace
Teens are able to learn large amounts of texts for role playing. In the scenes humor prevails for them, "adult" realities are introduced.

Santa Claus

The first guard: "Santa Claus on the spot?"
Second guard: “Shh, come on without names, there may be a wiretap. And in general, intolerantly sounds. "
First: "And how to?"
Second: “Low-temperature pensioner! It will come when the clock will show certain numbers! "
First: "But we do not have hours!"
Second: "We will be informed!"
First: “What is Baba Yaga there? Heaters did not throw anywhere? Heat guns are not set?
Second: “Everything is under control. Keep the foe at a distance. ”
The first: “A middle-aged already, and all to the same ... That Snow Maiden will change clothes, then Barbie, then Red Riding Hood. Here you need to keep your ears open. Bypassing the time to do it, by the way. ”
(The guards leave, Baba Yaga pops out after a while)
Baba Yaga: “What, didn’t they wait ?! We thought it nice to meet the New Year ?! And I came! Now your grandfather frostbitten catch, but on the battery I'll put him! Let your old bones warm a bit! And I'll take the presents myself! "
(Guards rush out, grab Baba Yaga by the arms. The song “Our service is both dangerous and difficult” plays)
The first guard: “I snuck, so, I landed from a stupa on a parachute? Now we'll put you under the castle, so as not to interfere with the celebration! "
Baba Yaga: "Boys, maybe not? Or maybe we agree in a good way, huh? You will help me to manage my grandfather, and I'll take you to my staff. With the rise! "
The second guard: "You will agree with Koshcheev the Immortal. He has also been sitting with us for a long time, on a strengthened diet, by the way. "
Both guards: “Santa Claus has incomparable security! Happy New Year guys! ”
(Baba Yaga being led off the stage)

New Year's Essay

greeting card

Teacher (sits at the table): “Holidays, holidays, but I have to work, check the notebooks ... So,essay "So I asked Santa Claus for the New Year." It is curious what they have written here. Our first Vovochka ... "
(The teacher opens a notebook, Vovochka takes the stage)
Little Johnny: “I would ask Santa Claus to ensure that no essays should be written next year!”
(Vovochka leaves)
The teacher: "Well, it's all clear with this, lazy ... Next notebook. Masha. Wait, why is the catalog of cosmetics applied to the composition? "
(Reveals the notebook, Mashenka comes out onto the stage)
Masha: “I would ask Santa Claus for New Year items 145, 146 and 172!”
(Mashenka leaves)
Teacher: "Brevity is the sister of talent, or what?" Okay ... Who's next? Egor!"
(Yegor appears on the stage.)
Egor: "To ask for something from Santa Claus, you need to write a letter to him. And where is his personal email to take? There is no getting along without hacking the system ... ”
(Yegor leaves in deep thought)
Teacher: “Everything is clear, the hacker is growing. Oh, I'm tired of something, then, I guess, I'll double-check. "
(All the kids run out onto the stage.)
Chorus: "Happy New Year, with new happiness!"

The oligarch and his daughter

Oligarch: “Zlata, daughter, do you know what holiday in the end of December is?”
Zlata: "Dad, I'm only 11 years old, why should I deal with all this? The calendar in our house hangs on the third floor in the fifth room - take the elevator and see. ”
Oligarch: "Actually, we have already celebrated this holiday, guess it myself."
Zlata: “This is when we went to Hawaii?”
Oligarch: “No, it was your birthday. Fifth day of each month.
Zlata: “Oh, I remember, a holiday, when we rode in a tank?”
The oligarch: "No, it was we who celebrated Victory Day."
Zlata: “When did you fly on an airplane?”
Oligarch: "And this is Aviation Day!"
Zlata: “Well, okay, I give up!”
Oligarch: “New Year is coming soon! My favorite holiday! ”
Zlata: “What's so special about him?”
Oligarch: "Well, on this day it's customary to give gifts!"
Zlata: "No, what's special?"
Oligarch: “And I don’t give gifts!”
Zlata (surprised): "And who?"
Oligarch: "Santa Claus!"
Zlata: "And where is he on the list of" Forbes? "
Oligarch: "On no one. Give gifts - his work. And on this day everyone gathers together, they drink, they eat tangerines and shout “Fir-tree, burn!”
Zlata: "Why should it be burned?"
Oligarch: “No, it is not burned! On it hang lanterns and toys. My hands are already itching. Aida to decorate a Christmas tree! "
Zlata: “Come on! Only half of the toys are me! ”
(Dad and daughter leave the stage)

Scenes for the matinee

Kids in Christmas hats
A matinee in kindergarten or in elementary grades will be decorated with a small scene on a New Year theme with the participation of several characters.

Cinema about Santa Claus

The director reads the main text, children in costumes play the show. Inanimate objects can also be characters.

Directed by: "Make a movie about Santa Claus. Camera, motor, let's go! One day, Grandfather harnessed his horse and went to the Christmas tree to cut down. And in the forest, what is happening: the wind is noisy, the wolves are howling, the owl is screaming. A deer ran past, tapped its hooves. Hares jumped out into the clearing, drummed on their stumps. They saw Grandfather with a horse and rode away. He sat on the stump, looked around. He sees a lot of Christmas trees around. I went to one Christmas tree, touched it. No good. I examined another Christmas tree - I didn’t like it either. Looks - the third is just right. He swung at her with an ax, and the Christmas tree begs ... "
Herringbone number 3: “Grandfather-grandfather, do not chop me! I'm not good for kids. My leg is lame, the needles crumble, the bark is all peeled off! ”
Directed by: “I listened to Grandfather, but he came up to another Christmas tree. He touched it. And the needles are strong, and the whole bark, and the trunk is straight. Suitable for the New Year! Look, and the ax has already lost somewhere! He decided to pull out the tree with the roots.A Christmas tree tells him ... "
Yolochka number 4: "Pull-pull, old, still not enough strength."
Director: “Grandfather began to drag the Christmas tree. Can not pull out. Hares came to the rescue. Draw-pull - no use. They called the wolves. Pull-pull - again fails. They called the wolves an owl. All began to pull the Christmas tree. Resting Christmas tree, is not given. Why, how the wind blows! On the one hand blowing - no way! On the other hand - there is a tree! Podul on the third side! Here and pulled a Christmas tree! The grandfather was delighted, put the Christmas tree on the sled and went with her to the children, to celebrate the New Year! The end of the film!"

Bored Christmas Tree

It is an elegant Christmas tree with a sad look, sadly looks at the floor. Comes Lead.

Host: “Hello, children! What you are today elegant, what beautiful! It's really expensive to watch! That's the way to celebrate New Year! So, where is Christmas tree? Where? Here she is! Oh, and what are you, Herringbone, so sad? Let's find out why she's not funny? ”
Fur-tree: "I'm bored with you here! Here are my friends - they all stand in the city squares. There is music, and they are dressed up luxuriously, and they have heaps of presents! And what about me? Eh ... "
Host: “What did you, Yolochka, say that? We have a lot of fun here! Look how many girls and boys! They all know how to do it — they dance, they sing songs, they tell poems. ”
Fur-tree: "Oh, can not you believe something? Is it true, can sing? ”
Host: “Of course, we can! Guys, we sing for the Christmas tree? "
(Children sing a new year song)
Herringbone: “Yes, this is not bad! I already like you here. Can still that you are able? »
(Children show numbers, recite poems)
Herringbone: “Well, now I see that it was not in vain that she was here! Do you have any gifts for me? ”
(Children decorate the Christmas tree with snowflakes cut out of paper)
Moderator: “Yolochka, do you still want to leave us on the square to your girlfriends?”
Herringbone: “I want to stay with you! You are very cheerful and beautiful, you know how to celebrate a holiday. "
(Children dance around the Christmas tree)

Helpful Tips

Christmas decorations

When preparing scenes for New Year's Eve 2019, consider the following tips.

  • Too complex a script is not suitable for kids.
  • Careful preparation of costumes is necessary for events in the school or kindergarten. If at home the character will be indicated only symbolically, with a few features (for example, Santa Claus with a red cap) it does not matter.
  • The room must have New Year attributes.
  • To hammer the role by heart is optional. The main thing is to remember the general plot, because even at real concerts the actors sometimes improvise. Shortly before the holiday, conduct a dress rehearsal
  • After playing the scenes you can hold New Year's contests.

Young artists who have adequately played their roles deserve an award. After the scenes are finished, do not forget to give all the participants sweet gifts. This will be an excellent incentive for awakening children's interest in performances, which may later come in handy (remember how many movie actors and former KVN players who became television humorists make money).

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New Year skits are a great way to spend time not only with children. When the kids go to bed, nothing prevents adults from playing out the more "sharp" scenes, for example, with jokes about alcohol.

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