Funny neighbors: Permyakova and Fedunkiv showed themselves without makeup

The two most witty actresses again decided to make fun of ... yourself!

The actress of the series “Real boys” Marina Fedunkiv and the star “Interns” Svetlana Permyakova recorded a comic video in which they appeared absolutely without makeup.

Photo: @marina_phedunkiv

For Marina, this is not the first experience of “non-glossy” posts and photos. The 46-year-old artist loves to poke fun at her colleagues and records harmless parody videos. Also Fedunkiv is not averse to sharing useful beauty and culinary tips in her peculiar witty manner. To make fun of the actress turns out great, and the army of her fans will soon reach two million figure.

Svetlana Permyakova has long overgrown the image of the rustic nurse Lyuba. The actress is very thin, built, completely changed appearance and image. But still sometimes likes to appear before fans in, so to speak, unglamorous form.

Both actresses look great without makeup and cosmetics! True, in a simple way, both Marina and Svetlana look like neighbors on the landing. But this does not detract from their charm!

Photo: @marina_phedunkiv
Photo: @s_permyakova

Recently, the fashion for “naked” faces has become very popular among the stars. True, some famous beauties are cunning and use photoshop to hide flaws. We have compiled a selection of star beauties who were not afraid to show themselves without makeup.

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