Gisele Bundchen told how Tom Brady made her an offer

Chris Zilka, for the sake of Paris Hilton, climbed the snowy summit, Kanye West rented a whole stadium for Kim Kardashian, and what did Tom Brady do for Gisele Bundchen to become his wife? Imitated the flood. We are not kidding: the supermodel herself told Vogue about it in the mini-movie "73 Questions".

“Oh, that was very inventive. Tom called me while I was on the set and said that our apartment was being flooded like “Titanic”. I, of course, rushed home to solve the problem, but, having crossed the threshold, I saw only the floor covered with rose petals and a lot of candles everywhere. "What does it mean?" - I asked Tom. He knelt down and I understood everything. ”

I must say that shortly before that, Brady suffered a knee injury, and recovering from surgery was hard for him. "I was terrified and said to him:" What are you doing? Get up immediately! " - recalls Giselle. - But he was adamant: the proposal of a hand and heart is done only in such a way and nothing else.Here we have been together for nine years. This act touched me very much. ”

Publication by Gisele Bündchen (@gisele)12 Jun 2018 at 4:12 PDT

For those couples who are going to live together for a long happy life, Bundchen has one piece of advice: "Talk to each other as openly and lovingly as possible."

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