Give your baby the joy of being a real hero

Give your baby the joy of being a real heroIn kindergartens and schools, children often arrange matinees, theatrical performances for which you need to make appropriate costumes. You can buy or rent them, but it will be much more interesting and pleasant for you to make it on your own. Often the boys are quite predictable in the fact that their choice stops on the costume of the hero. And if a shirt or a raincoat can be made of various fabrics, then from what to make a warrior's helmet with your own hands so that it looks believable? Read about it here.

How to make a helmet hero

As a material in this case, you can use paper, cardboard, plastic.
One of the easiest ways is to manufacture a hero's helmet from a plastic bottle of large capacity (5 or 6 liters). We also need a disposable plastic tumbler (0.5 l), a laundry bag, a spray paint (gold or silver), double-sided mounting tape and scissors.Give your baby the joy of being a real hero

Cut with the scissors the bottom part of the plastic bottle in such a way that the top forms a workpiece under the helmet, you can leave a special fore-collar, which will act as additional protection for our hero.Give your baby the joy of being a real hero

Then take a plastic cup and remove the bottom and the top curved rim. The resulting section of thin plastic is folded into a cone and secured with double-sided tape. So, you can do the preparatory part.Give your baby the joy of being a real hero

Then with the help of the same double-sided tape you need to attach the resulting cone to the bottle blank that you learned how to do earlier.Give your baby the joy of being a real hero

The next stage is also not very difficult. In it you will have to use not only available materials, but also paint. As a rule, choose a silver or gold paint. So, from a special bag for washing you need to cut the mesh part. Next, apply a layer of silver paint on it. Give it some time to dry.Give your baby the joy of being a real hero

Now you can paint the very blank of the helmet. Remember that the paint should be applied as evenly as possible, if possible, leaving no empty spaces (you can use both glossy and matte paint type). The workpiece must be well dried and ventilated.If the plastic is still translucent, repeat the procedure, applying the required number of additional layers. In this case, you better overdo it.Give your baby the joy of being a real hero

Try on the resulting “mail chain” mesh to the workpiece. In the event that it is a little too big - cut it. If it is too small, then you should take it and try it on another copy. If your mesh fit the workpiece, then mark the place of its attachment.Give your baby the joy of being a real hero

Glue double-sided tape to the previously marked attachment points, and a grid can already be applied on top of it. You can try it on in order to achieve maximum effect. That's all. We have turned out a light, beautiful and stylish helmet of the hero. And any theatrical performance in kindergarten or elementary school will certainly leave a lasting impression in the memory of your child.Give your baby the joy of being a real hero

After reading this article, you will learn how to make a helmet hero, with his own hands. Allow your baby to be not standard and become ordinary bear cubs and hares, but to become a real hero! Strong and daring! As you can see for yourself, it is not so difficult as it may seem at first glance.

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