Growing strawberries on the windowsill

After all, everyone knows that home-grown, garden, “real” strawberries are tastier and healthier than the ones stuffed with chemicals, smeared with wax and grown in a greenhouse. What to do if there is no garden or your own plot, and you really want to grow fresh strawberries? If you want - you need to look for a way out and implement the idea! And there is a way out, and it’s not too complicated. It turns out that you can grow strawberries on the windowsill. And this is not much harder to do than on six acres.

Before you begin to give your thoughts a realistic look and material form, you need to make a plan of action.

First you need to get a five-liter bottle. It is necessary to cut off the upper part (neck and about three or four centimeters from the top). This is the place where the main initial work will be carried out. Then somewhere worth finding a plastic tube. The diameter of the tube must be at least two to three centimeters. It should be of medium length and rise somewhere between four and five centimeters over the edge of the bottle.And directly the plants themselves, as well as the land acquired in a specialty store and ash as fertilizer.

In the plastic tube with a soldering iron, carefully (!) You need to make even holes. Having retreated from the edge of two centimeters, it is necessary to make holes at regular intervals (also about two centimeters), not reaching the opposite edge of five centimeters. This is the future means of watering. In the plastic bottle itself, the same soldering iron also needs to be drilled (at a height of about four centimeters from the bottom). The soil should be mixed with ash, saturate with oxygen, actively mixing.

Seedlings should be rid of the soil in which it grew in the store (rinse). In the center of the bottom of the bottle is placed a tube and sprinkled with earth. And in this land, stuck through the holes in the bottle, clean plants are planted, small strawberry bushes.

Such a homemade "strawberry" made of a plastic five-liter bottle is ideal for a narrow sill. And in a modern apartment there are just such people. Due to the vertical shape and small diameter of the bottom, it is possible to rotate the seedlings depending on the position of the sun evenly, as they say, “after the sun”.Unlike classic boxes, which can be exposed to sunlight only with two sides parallel to each other, this option is the most convenient and rational.

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