Hairstyles at the prom for little princesses

Graduation party is the most joyful and exciting event in the life of any girl. Now the balls are being organized even in kindergarten, and it is necessary to approach this important event with all the responsibility. An important role is played not only by the dress, but also by the hairstyle, which should be beautiful, fashionable and stylish. So, what hairstyles will be the most popular in 2015? In the article we will be happy to tell you about the trends of the upcoming season and show the hairstyles in the photo.

Princess hairstyle

Every girl dreams of being a fairy princess. If your baby has long stripes, then collect them in a ponytail or braid a braid, buy beautiful hair clips and beads and decorate their hair with them. The brighter the better.

Spit braids little graduate

The usual pigtail at the prom will look dull and ugly, so make your daughter a "Snake". Comb your hair and distribute it from the top of your head all over your head.Grab a small strand from the top of your head and begin to weave a regular braid. Make one turn, start to grab strands from all sides, weaving a pigtail snail. So braid until all hair is woven into a braid. An example is shown in the photo below. Pin up your hair so that it does not spread out during the fun.

Weaving can be very different. If you doubt your abilities, take the baby to the hairdresser. As a rule, about thirty different weaves are offered there.

Curly Sue graduate

Long hair is best to dissolve. Wash your head with your daughter, then curl your hair with curlers for the night or just braid a lot of thin braids. In the morning, the daughter will wake up in charming curls. Pierce the girl a beautiful bow on top.

"Sun" for graduation in the garden

For medium hair suitable hairstyle "Sun". Grab the hair from all sides and collect them in ponytails. Pick up the bright yellow gum. Next, collect the small tails in one big tail and also kill with a rubber band. This hairstyle will look original and unusual.

Charming hairstyle for short hair

What hairstyle can you think of for short hair? Well, there is nothing easier! Pick up a beautiful girl bow. See how charmingly the pink bow looks on the hair of a charming blue-eyed little girl.

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