A heart shaped wreath for Valentine's Day

Wreath in the shape of a heart For Valentine's Day- a wonderful wreath with your own hands for Valentines Day to decorate the house and please your loved one.

Materials and tools:

  1. thick cardboard (box);
  2. pencil, marker;
  3. scissors;
  4. glue gun;
  5. compasses (glass, mug);
  6. fabric felt or felt.

Step 1

Take a large piece of cardboard, draw a heart on it and cut it out with scissors.

Step 2

Now let's take a fabric of a different color, with the help of a compass (glass), draw circles on the fabric and cut them out.

Step 3

Let's start assembling a wreath. Take a circle of felt and fold it, as shown in the picture. Then put some hot glue on the base with a hot-melt glue gun and glue it to the base of the heart. Repeat this step until we have filled the entire base of the heart.

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