Heart-to-heart talk: interview with Karina Zvereva

A girl without complexes with a smart figure - this is how Karina Zvereva can be described. Candid photo shoots for men's magazines, bold images ... Many people remember our heroine on the role of exhibitionist in the series "Method". And in the future we are waiting for another surprise: in the TV series “Hotel Eleon”, she will play an artist who paints with her own bust. Recently, an important event occurred in Karina’s life, but she still took the time to answer a few questions from SUNMAG.

Karina, on June 2, you turned 40 years old. But more than 25 years, you will not give! Tell me how you look like this?

I have no special secrets, just good genetics. Mom and grandmother also look younger than their years. In fact, I do not lead a healthy lifestyle: I can drink wine, go to a party, do not sleep. On diets, too, I do not sit. For example, for the night I can get some mom's pancakes, flavored with sugar and butter. True, the "sins" then work out in the gym.By the way, if you do cardio on an empty stomach, then the calories are burned twice as fast. I usually turn on low speed and run on the track for an hour. But the system does not adhere. Pasha in the hall for two weeks in a row, and then there is a break and "zazhor". I am Gemini on the sign of the zodiac. We are known to be inconsistent and lacking in patience.


And it seems that you spend the night in the hall ... How do you feel about cosmetological procedures?

Positively. I can rent a room in the spa for the whole day and boot there with a loved one.

And who is he, if not a secret?

There is a wonderful phrase: "Happiness loves silence." More and more convinced of this. I remember how I used to tell about privacy, and at once so many gynecologists of the soul and proctologists of consciousness appeared, who then discussed me and my man behind my back. Just remember the picture ... A woman is riding on a donkey, and next is a man. And everyone says: "Oh, what a henpecked." And if a man sits astride, then he is bad. If both are on a donkey, fools immediately, exploit the animal. This is how public opinion works. You will not please everyone. Therefore it is better to be silent. I can only say that I'm fine.

And in the social network you basically do not post photos with your beloved?

My instagram is such a screen in fact. Only narrow-minded people are being led to this. There, I do not open at all, the shore is inner happiness. But I was lucky, I have adequate subscribers. Perhaps the reason is that 80% of them are men, and the actress, in order not to lose her fans, it is better to have a free woman.

You were married to the humorist Gennady Vetrov and told that because of him you refused the offer to take the place of Zhanna Friske in the group “Brilliant”. Feel sorry then?

Well, maybe a little bit. I think that the universe is wiser. Everything that is given to us or not is not just. If I went to the "brilliant", then perhaps it would not be revealed as an actress. Moreover, it is not very interesting for me to sing to a phonogram. On the other hand, if I were in "Brilliant", I would get more popularity. I look at Yulia Kovalchuk, Anya Semyonovich. Girls are good fellows: they are well settled and they have built a career in solo.

Do you communicate with Vetrov? Peacefully parted?

It is very peaceful, although I still have water on me: they say, he brought you into the light, and you pomatrosila and threw him. But it is not so! I was very worried and kept to the last. The initiator of the separation was me.We lived together for 12 happy years, and then I outgrew this relationship, my feelings were gone. I think that it is wrong to be with a man if you treat him like a brother. I do not know whether the age difference affected (Gena is 19 years older than me)? I do not think so. Just in my life came a turning point. We with it together in "Full house" played. In parallel with our separation, another, as it then seemed to me, unpleasant event occurred: Regina Dubovitskaya, who edited the numbers, did not include my speech in the next program. At first I was offended, and then I gave up and left. Years later I realized that it was right. I am grateful to Regina, otherwise it would have stayed in the "Full House". And now I work for TNT in the satirical show “Once Upon a Time in Russia” in a more interesting youth team for me. There's another humor, and it suits me.


In the near future, where will we see you?

I played a chest painterin the series "Hotel" Eleon "" on "STS". By the way, now I'm leaving from the frank image, I think that I squeezed everything I could out of it and is ready for a new stage. I become an adult woman. On the other hand, bold roles make people leave the comfort zone, which is very good for an actress.And after the role of exhibitionist Natasha in the series “Method” I have nothing scary. True, we do not understand everyone. Apparently, the echoes of the iron curtain affect. Someone just saw nudity - and that was all, and that was the deep role of the girl with her own story. I passed the casting, and not just threw off her clothes and kayfanula.

Do you have a dream role?

Well, I will not pull Anna Karenina, this is more an image for Liza Boyarskaya. I think that Lisa is one of the strongest actresses of our time. And I'm closer to aggressive roles, such as the soldier Jane in the performance of Demi Moore or the woman-killer, who was first played by Charlize Theron in the thriller "Monster", for the sake of the role not afraid to gain extra pounds. I adore the transformation - horoscope affects. My favorite film is "Office Romance". I am caught, as from a zadro in a skirt the heroine turns into a beautiful woman. By the way, not everyone succeeds in reincarnation. I remember the same Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, who was given something aggressive to play, and she again made a "babysitter," only in combat coloring. I would be happy to play the role of an absolutely ugly and asexual woman.

But you are a beauty! Surely you spend a lot of time shopping ...

I'm not a spender and not a shopaholic.I don't know how to see things on a hanger. Often I seek advice from friends. One of my friends, by the way, is engaged in professional shopping escort. In general, I have a razdolbaysky style - sneakers, jeans on the hips. Although I also love shoes. Now I want more femininity and beautiful dresses. The only thing I don’t accept is that I can’t wear what everyone goes about. For this reason, refused to Uggs.

How do you feel about envy?

Envy has always been and is, because I tend to hide my personal life. In general, this feeling is inherent in everyone, including me. I can envy any actress if she got a cool project. In general, a self-confident woman is able to adequately assess the beauty of another woman. All my friends are bright and smart. And the hens, discussing what men are goats, and jealous of other women - this is not my company.


So you can communicate with beautiful women?

Yes. I have a very beautiful girlfriend, to which all men react. Very few people are friends with her, on the contrary, they want to drain her somewhere or hide her. But in fact she is a terrific person, I admire her as a woman. Her beauty does not interfere with our friendship.

By the way, about “dear women” ... Do you think a man should give diamonds?

Well, they give me anyway, though, they are lying with me. I take jewelry very easily, I forget earrings and rings. But what does “must” mean? No one owes nothing to nobody. And if he makes a gift, be grateful to thank him. And in no case can not be capricious, that the type is not the same or you do not like. This is a wrong behavior, which, alas, is inherent in many young ladies. I repent, and I had it. Over time, I realized that if you respond well, the man next time will do for you ten times more, unless, of course, he is not a complete rogue. Another tip: do not be afraid to ask for something. You wanted flowers, tell him about it, men do not always guess.

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