Henry Cavill will be the next James Bond?

Sonya Morsikova September 26, 2018

Bond fans continue to worry about who will replace Daniel Craig in the 26th James Bond film. And while Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba and Tom Hardy are leading in the bookmakers, there are rumors that the 007 agent may be ... Briton Henry Cavill. The actor, who played Superman, completed his collaboration with Warner and is ready to return to the big screen in the image of another, no less famous hero - the one who loves beautiful women, speed and Martini.

Henry, if you think about it, is an excellent choice. He is a prominent guy with a noble appearance and muscular body. Guy Ritchie was the first to play the role of an actor spy, inviting him to play the main role in the spy comedy Agents A.N.K.L., so playing the guys with a gun is no stranger to him. That's just before reincarnating in James Bond, Henry needs to finish filming in the new Netflix series The Witcher. “Do not lose me guys,” he told the subscribers.“Killing monsters requires a lot of strength, so I will rarely respond.”

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