Hepatosis of the liver: symptoms, causes

Symptoms and causes of the disease

Hepatosis in most cases proceeds covertly. The main symptom of the disease may be an increase in the size of the liver. Some patients have nausea, pain in the right hypochondrium, flatulence. All these are the primary signs of fatty hepatosis. In the case of frequent complaints about them, you should definitely undergo an ultrasound scan, which helps to identify an increase in the liver and an increase in fatty tissue.
Hepatosis can develop over the years. In advanced cases, secondary symptoms begin to appear: blurred vision, high fatigue, allergic reactions, hair loss, premature gray hair and frequent rash on the skin. Immunity is also reduced and the patient often suffers from colds.
The cause of the development of the disease are endocrine disorders, effects on the body of toxic substances. The risk group includes people with diabetes, obesity, and various thyroid diseases.

Treatment of hepatosis

Fatty liver disease is clearly diagnosed by ultrasound and computed tomography. It is also possible to suggest the presence of the disease by conducting tests, determining the causes of an enlarged liver and metabolic disorders.
For the treatment of hepatosis used drugs that increase insulin sensitivity, which reduces inflammation of the tissues. Also prescribed drugs that affect the level of fat in the blood and general blood circulation stimulants.
Treatment of hepatosis requires an integrated approach. Medicines give maximum results with a gradual reduction in weight and diet. It is also necessary to normalize the metabolism. To do this, move more and exercise. It is recommended to eat small meals five times a day. Patients should eat food rich in protein, vitamin B12 and folic acid. The lack of the latter can be replenished with vitamin complexes. The patient's diet should include boiled vegetables, vegetarian and milk soups, boiled egg, semolina, oatmeal, rice and buckwheat porridge, low-fat cottage cheese, milk, kefir and low-fat yogurt.
To prevent the disease, it is necessary to use healthy foods, regularly engage in fitness, limit the use of alcohol. Also to get rid of the fatty disease effectively helps folk remedies, involving the use of various decoctions, which remove excess fats and liver and accelerate the process of burning them.

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