Herbs for hair growth


Well-groomed, beautiful curls give the appearance of every woman a magnificent view. Before asking for help from chemicals, it is worth remembering the popular recipes. What is the point of using a store mask if all natural ingredients are available? Usually herbs are used to rinse curls. The composition should be chosen based on what disadvantages concern.

The rapidity of hair growth in each of us is individual. It is influenced by the characteristics of the organism and genetics. But usually hair grows by a centimeter per month. If less, then with them disarray. The main factor of slow growth is the lack of body strength to create the necessary conditions. Factors that affect the condition of hair and their growth:

features of care;
life style;
diet and nutrition;
temperature drops;
stress and nerves;
endocrine system disorders (thyroid, pituitary, etc.);
abnormal metabolic processes of the body;

In addition to the rejection of bad habits, drawing up the right diet, the use of folk remedies is required.Herbs are often used by representatives of the weaker sex to combat hair loss and to accelerate their growth. They are able to deal with many problems, as well as compete with chemical agents, because they have vitamins, oils, tannins and natural antiseptics.

Herbs for hair growth

To create a decoction you need 5 spoons of herbs, which are filled with boiling water. Let stand for 20 minutes, covered with a towel. Then pass through a sieve and rinse curls. To create masks a handful of herbs mixed with 1 tbsp. olive oil. Insist 21 days in a cool place. The product is applied to wet hair for 20 minutes.

Useful herbs for hair

It is impossible to harm the hair with herbs, but the effect will be only on those products that match your type of curls. There are herbs that are versatile:

will make your hair fresher and simplify the process of unraveling the infusion of a coltsfoot;
rinsing tincture based on lemongrass, cornflower or roses is required to remove the yellowness;
to make the volume suitable broth loach or lily of the valley.

The list of useful herbs for hair also include:

Burdock A spoonful of dried burdock is filled with boiling water (the amount of water depends on the length of the hair, but at least 1 cup).Let the mixture stand for about 40 minutes, then pass through the gauze and rinse the curls after washing.
Aloe. Crush the leaves, cover with warm water and let stand 60 minutes. Infusion suitable for rinsing.
Root of the ayr. A spoon of this herb is required. It is poured with a glass of hot water and left for half an hour. Suitable for washing and rubbing dry hair.
Birch and nettles. It is taken in equal fractions and filled with boiling water. Leave for 120 minutes.
Lavender. Soothe irritation of the scalp, relieve itching, stop excessive fat production.
Sage. Fights dandruff and oily skin.
Calendula. A great way to relieve inflammation.
Chamomile. It has a similar effect, soothes the skin, eliminates infection, makes curls shiny.

Basil will help boost hair growth.
Mint relieves irritation, disinfects, fights dandruff.
Rosemary strengthens blood flow, nourishes the hair roots. Helps against grease.

Herbs from hair loss

This problem is considered the most common. The influence of shampoos, paints, sun, stress - all this affects the state of the curls. Will help to correct the situation of the grass from hair loss.Miraculous weed burdock is known to everyone. Among the finished compositions for the treatment of curls popular burdock oil. It is enough for them to lubricate the skin a couple of times a week.

But you can prepare the remedy yourself. To do this, you need to dig up the roots of burdock, grind them, then pour oil. Insist 10 days, then boil for a quarter of an hour for a couple. Means lubricates the skin or rinse them with curls. To prepare the decoction of the plant completely.

An effective remedy is the onion peel and the onion itself. If onion masks are not liked because of the smell, then the decoction from the husk of this plant does not have such a minus.

Dandruff Herbs

This deficiency is most familiar to those with dry skin. Warm oil masks with herbs from dandruff perfectly revitalize the skin, heal irritations. But decoctions give no less result. Decoction of burdock root is easy to prepare. To do this, it is required to boil for a quarter of an hour and let it brew.

Herbs for hair growth

In the spring, use gruel from dandelion leaves and mint. Apply to curls and scalp for 45 minutes. Such a procedure will not only get rid of the hated dandruff, but also strengthen curls.

Herbs against hair section

There are also herbs against cross-section and fragility of hair. They will strengthen the damaged curls. This should include a decoction based on birch buds. It moistened the tips of clean hair, and then rinsed the entire length. The result is not instant, but 100%.

Help and systematic masks with sea buckthorn oil and the fruits of this plant. Sea buckthorn is a true panacea, which not only heals wounds, but also restores the hair structure.

Aloe is another panacea for all without. With brittle hair, such manipulations are carried out: 2 large sheets of squeeze or grind, add water to the composition and smear on curls, rubbing into the skin. Give act for half an hour. The procedure will have to be done every day for 1.5 months.

Pharmacy chamomile perfectly restores bleached hair. Thick broth is required to put on curls for 30 minutes.

Herbs from early gray hair

Sometimes you have to use herbs from early white hair to stop this process. With this cope tincture of hot pepper. To create it, 1 spoonful of ground pods is poured with 100 grams of vodka and allowed to brew for 7 days in the dark. 1 spoon of tincture is poured into 0.5 tbsp. water and lubricate the scalp.Allow to act for an hour, then rinse. Systematic use (about 1 time in 7 days) noticeably improves hair.

Herbs for hair growth

An effective effect is obtained from a decoction of dill seeds and burdock root. The mixture is daily lubricated by the skin for 2 months. This is a great way to deal with early gray hair.

Decoctions and infusions of herbs for hair. Advice

For washing the hair requires a decoction of herbs or tincture. The latter is prepared easily and without much effort. The grass is poured boiling water, insists. And to create a decoction, heat treatment and steaming will be needed. It is believed that the decoction is of great benefit, because the processing temperature activates the benefits of herbs.

To create a decoction and tincture, both fresh and dried grass is suitable. Dry need to grind, and fresh - grind. Decoctions are added to the masks, but then they must be saturated.

So, to create a decoction for rinsing curls will require 1 tbsp. grass and 0.5 liters of water. If the length is above the average, then you can take 2 times more liquid. Boil for 3 minutes, then cover the top and let stand for 20 minutes, pass through cheesecloth and pour water to the original volume.Rinse curls with broth at room temperature. To create an infusion you need to keep the same proportions. But not ordinary water is taken, but boiling water. Insist no more than half an hour, then strain.

If you need a means to enrich the mask, then take 1 spoon of grass and 1 tbsp. water (high temperature). Let stand under the lid, then skip through cheesecloth and use in masks recipes.

Herbs can positively affect the curls and scalp. They struggle with hair loss, skin irritation, accelerate the growth of curls. Herbs will return natural shine, will present volume.

To strengthen the hair fit the following plants: birch leaves, chamomile inflorescences, mint, laurel, hop flowers, burdock roots, horsetail, rosemary and St. John's wort. To stop the loss and make hair growth more rapid help: a series, nettle leaves, lavender, burdock. Reduce excess fat content: nettle, mint leaves, coltsfoot, burdock root, lime flowers, chamomile inflorescences, aloe leaves, hops, sage. For dry hair useful: aloe leaves, thyme, chamomile, linden flowers, birch leaves, calendula flowers.

Wash with broths and infusions clean curls.But as a rinse aid and apple cider vinegar. To create 1 liter of liquid, add 1 spoon of vinegar. In fact, there are a lot of useful herbs for curls, choose the right ingredients to solve the problem.

Herbal infusions for hair. Recipes

Herbal infusions for hair have long been known. Preparing these recipes will help to nourish your hair with power, save beauty and shine. So, the most effective recipes:

Stir cognac, white onion juice and decoction of burdock root in a ratio of 1: 1: 6. Keep in a cool place for no more than 4 days, so cook in small portions. Tincture requires daily lubrication of the roots for 14 days;
in order to make an infusion of birch leaves, you will need to pour 4 spoons into 0.3 liters of boiled water. Let stand 120 minutes, strain. Lubricate the roots after each wash for 30 days;
juniper helps fight hair loss, activates growth. To create an infusion will need 2 spoons and 2 cups of boiling water. Wrap up and let stand until complete cooling. Lubricate the roots daily for 2-3 months. The first effect is already noticeable after 14 days;

Herbs for hair growth

in equal shares mix chamomile, rosemary and nettle flowers (1 spoon each).Pour 1 tbsp. of vodka. Pour the mixture into a container of dark glass, close and allow to brew for 14 days in the dark. Do not forget to shake with an interval of 2 days. After this period, strain and pour into another bottle with a tight lid. To combat the loss, wipe the skin 2-3 times in 7 days. If the scalp does not suffer from excessive fat, then the infusion is diluted with water;
nettle leaves in the amount of 4 spoons pour 2 tbsp. boiling water. It is required to boil over low heat for 10 minutes and leave to heat for 40 minutes. After that, pass through the gauze and lubricate the scalp every day for a month;
Few people know that strong tea is an excellent effective means to improve the condition of the roots. It's easy to cook by yourself. Dip a cotton swab into tea brewing tea, it is necessary to moisten the roots with this compound. Rinse the curls after this is not required. It is better to repeat the procedure at bedtime. This method will give a beautiful shade to hair;
to create a burdock infusion taken 2 tbsp. boiling water and 4 spoons of this herb, finely chopped. Boil on a small fire no more than a quarter of an hour. Allow to cool and pass through a sieve.Lubricate the roots twice a week for 2 months. Eliminates hair loss and activates their growth.

Now consider a couple of effective recipes for rinsing curls:

Enhance hair growth contributes to the infusion of the hop cones. They have a lot of plant hormones that stimulate growth. 1 spoon pour 1 glass of boiling water. Allow to stand for 60 minutes. Rinse curls or apply as shampoo twice in 7 days. Repeat the procedure 10 times;

for overdried hair, rinsing with lime extract is useful. In addition, it will eliminate dandruff. 100 grams of flowers required to fill a glass of boiling water and boil. After that, cool down. Daily smeared with roots 21 days;

to eliminate the excessive fat content of the skin will need to prepare an infusion of sage, chamomile flowers and alternating in the same lobes. Mixture stored in glass. So, 3 spoons pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and insist no more than 20 minutes. This warm infusion should be used for rubbing ringlets daily, regardless of washing. To rub and need to scalp. A soft toothbrush is suitable for the procedure. Treatment is carried out within 2 weeks.

Herbs for hair growth

There are also herbs that help restore hair after childbirth. Often, young mothers complain of rapid hair loss after the baby is born.The problem lies in the hormonal restructuring of the body, as well as the lack of nutrients. Enhance hair growth contributes to masks based on eggs and honey, as well as medicinal herbs:

Burdock roots and nettle leaves in an amount of 1 spoon are soaked in a glass of hot water. Tincture of these plants is required to lubricate the roots before each shampooing for 30 days;
St. John's wort, mother-and-stepmother, take nettle leaves in equal parts (1 spoon) and boil with boiling water in a volume of 0.3 liters. Insist in a thermos for several hours. After add 200 grams of vodka. Rub also before washing the head.

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