Hold on until the New Year: films that cheer up

There is no moral strength to make it to the New Year? Mood at zero, a lot of work, reports are not handed over? Relax, take a deep breath, put everything off for one night and take a dose of happiness from which you can survive December. We remembered the films, from which instantly it becomes warm on the soul and easy on the heart, which increase faith not only in miracles, but also in people.

"Little Miss Happiness"

A plump girl with huge glasses wants to go to a beauty contest in another state. All of her slightly crazy, but very friendly family decides to go on this journey together. They go, not because they are confident of winning Olive, but simply because they love her very much. On the way, many strange events await them, among which, for example, the kidnapping of a cocaine-grandfather's corpse from a hospital. They will finish and to some extent win this competition.

The role of Olive in the film was performed by Egigail Breslin, wonderful in her childhood, Paul Dano played her silent brother, and Steve Carell, a gay uncle with suicidal tendencies.

"Real love"

One of the best romantic comedies of our time instantly raises the spirits from any degree below zero.

Richard Curtis, the master of touching and soul-stirring films that can be reviewed every year (Notting Hill, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Boyfriend from the Future), gave us a movie that ideally creates a New Year atmosphere. There is always someone who has not watched "Real Love", advise him this film - already to create a small pre-New Year's miracle.

Several story lines intertwined into one; it turns out that all the characters somehow know each other. Cast - beautiful actors: Alan Rickman, Laura Linney, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Bill Nighy, Emma Thompson, Civetel Egiofor, Keira Knightley and even Claudia Schiffer.

“Exchange Leave”

English editor Iris (Keith Winslet) goes to heal a mental wound in a comfortable cottage in California, and the head of the advertising agency Amanda (Cameron Diaz) goes to a cozy house in the English province. Girls change their homes for time, which leads to surprising and happy consequences.

"Always say yes""

What will it be if all the proposals that come to you, agree? The idea is pretty crazy, but in the case of the hero Jim Carrey worked.

Karl is a depressed loser who decides that his life is going down. One day he attends a seminar, whose host recommends that he say “yes” more often. Since then, Karl's life has changed, he begins to breathe deeply and perform wonderful madness. A separate gift is the heroine Zooey Deschanel with her violet eyes and wild songs.


Concentrate happiness in French, with wonders that are more interesting to do than to receive, with the music of Yann Tiersen and the fragile big-eyed witch from the coffee shop Amelie Poulain. The girl, who has the unique ability to find happiness in everyday things and generously share it with others, played Audrey Tautou. This role in the blink of an eye made the actress the main French star and stuck to Audrey forever.

"Hotel" Marygold ": The Best of Exotic"

Beautiful British "old men" (Maggie Smith, Judy Dench, Bill Nighy, Celia Imrie) in the role of retirees, seduced by a chic, at first glance, offer: spend the rest of the days in a luxury hotel in the heart of India.Arriving at the place, the pensioners found out that the hotel is not as chic as they expected, the phone does not work, and the food is too sharp. But India, the people living there, separately - the young owner of the hotel (Dev Patel), and they themselves are changing each other's lives.

"This wonderful life"

The naive and life-affirming film of 1946 by Frank Capra, which is twisted in America as often as we have the "Irony of Fate".

George Bailey dreamed all his life to leave the tiny town in which he was born, and see the world. But first, George was forced to help his father in his office, after the death of his father he had to stay in order to keep an eye on things, after which he could not leave because his company was on the verge of ruin. The kind, inspired, energetic George at some point is on the verge of despair. To help him, a funny plump, still wingless angel of the second rank is sent from heaven.

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