Home comfort on the balcony

Much depends on whether your balcony is glazed or not. If there is no glazing, then dust and dirt on the balcony is simply inevitable. In addition, it is simply unsafe to store anything on such a balcony: a stub-thrown cigarette can be brought in by the wind, and the consequences will be dire. So you need to start creating a cozy balcony with glazing.
Of course, it will not be possible to completely get rid of things that are stored on the balcony: Christmas tree toys, empty cans for pickles and other trifles that are on the balcony free space in the apartment. Only if they are stored in a special closet, it will be much more comfortable on the balcony. It is better to spend once a specific amount of money in order to get a beautiful balcony. And you can decorate it to your own taste, depending on the free area.
You can convert free balcony in the summer terrace, put folding furniture. On such a balcony it is nice to sit in the evening in the heat with a glass of soft drink.
The area of ​​the balcony is quite limited, so for each thing there must be its own, clearly designated place. Each item casually thrown here is capable to destroy completely a cosiness.
The decoration of each balcony will be plants. It is possible to strengthen the narrow boxes along the perimeter in which to plant the plants. Such boxes do not take up extra space. All summer, the owners will please the velvet ribbon, petunias and other unpretentious flowers. If there is no time for their planting, then it is possible to transfer and install indoor plants on special stands.
On the balcony looks great greens, but when placing it must take into account the side on which the balcony goes. If this is the sunny and southern side, then only those plants that love light and heat will feel good there.

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