Honey treatment

In addition to these properties, inherent in any honey, each of its variety has its own unique healing properties.

Acacia Honey. Relieves insomnia. It is used in diseases of the stomach, kidneys and eye diseases.

Buckwheat honey. It is used for anemia and anemia, increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood, promotes the treatment of furunculosis.

Sweet clover honey. Reduces blood pressure, helps with rheumatism. Used in the treatment of nervous disorders, insomnia, migraine.

Chestnut Honey. It is an excellent antiseptic, promotes the healing of various kinds of ulcers, burns, and other skin damage.

Linden honey. An indispensable tool in the treatment of colds and broncho-pulmonary diseases, as well as asthma. It is used for inflammation of the bladder and for headaches.

Sunflower Honey. Practicedhoney treatmentfrom sunflower kidney and liver diseases. And he helps with obesity, because normalizes metabolism.

Of coursehoney treatmentwill be effective only if the honey is natural.Choose the "right" honey will help a few signs:

  • If honey is scooped up with a spoon and then try to shift it on a saucer, it will drag on with a long viscous trickle, forming a “hill” on the saucer.

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