How are the standards of beauty changing and who needs it?

"New role models are former outsiders," the Russian magazine Interview loudly states, hinting at the trend according to which Kanye West is now inviting to their shows androgynous models, according to which the sex can not be determined, and Beyonce hires a girl in a wheelchair to advertise her site. The Western world is clearly set to promote the idea of ​​diverse beauty, but do these ideas take root as easily and quickly as the fashion-progressive magazines long for?

In itself, the concept of a "model" or even a "role model" - a person who advertises a certain product or a certain trend with his face / body or lifestyle - has undergone significant changes over the past few years. Now the face of the well-known brand can become the plus-size model (and this is frankly no one surprises), and the transgender, and not too cute, but famously unwound by the daughter of the famous actor, and even the 86-year-old nun, as in the case of the last sensational Nike advertising.In the era of social networks, the key quality of the model was its media presence or the ability to organize a discussion around itself, to attract hundreds of commentators who would chant or viciously scold - in fact it does not matter as long as the number of views increases.

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Against the background of a truly humane desire to demonstrate beauty from different angles, expand the narrow and inhuman framework of "90 - 60 - 90" and stop comparing everyone with Barbie, the advertising trick completely opposite in meaning is to offer everyone a "jester" to entertain the public. and at the same time I was not offended that someone regretted him and turned away, and someone condemned out loud. It turned out that if you are ready to be a little jester under the brand name of the struggle for a variety of beauty, then you can earn good money. On this wave, the odious Caitlin Jenner and the model (model?) Of immense size Tess Holliday, who are forbidden to be scolded in the West in the West - they say, is not a way to capitalize on personal drama (moral or physical), but a sincere desire to demonstrate that we are all so differently beautiful.Western publications shout about the fact that the standards of beauty are being rethought, but the “podium” composition of the main brands does not change categorically, and the same Vogue prints on her pages Ashley Graham, a girl with average US parameters, with an intonation like “wow, yes You see, on what desperate step we decided to the whole editorial board ".

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In our latitudes, the economic situation imposes its imprint on the so-called "dilution of the standards of beauty". So far, the same American Vogue trumpets that silicone breasts are no longer popular, but the fashioned buttocks are in fashion, a personal trainer who watches the dice on your stomach, and the diet is exclusively natural and minimally processed, eat clean, in our Only a few people can buy a gym membership in the country, not to mention a personal trainer, and the term eat clean stands for this: in the summer you eat berries, potatoes and carrots from a summer house, and in the winter - boiled cereals. Even more interesting is the situation with plastic surgery. While our journals repeat,that we are slowly learning to accept ourselves as we are and we are moving toward the beauty of natural, Russian clinics give out statistics that the number of operations is still growing, the most popular of them is still breast augmentation, and besides, an increasing percentage of clients now see doctors not just one, but immediately after several types of "improvement".

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It turns out that the operation “from passive surgery to active fitness” has by and large failed so far, unless, of course, we do a survey among metropolitan crowd of hipsters or stylist designers who, perhaps, honestly still In the late 2000s, nails were exchanged for natural nude, waxed hair - for surfers' curls, and foam bras - for cute lace tops. In all other respects, the concept of "natural beauty" for our women is a cunning term. It turned out that under him there was a kind of Natalya Vodyanova with a thin figure after the birth of five children and the face of a schoolgirl at the age of 34, and that with cosmetics, that without her. Usually the commentatorsdiscussing her appearance, the word "genes" is often found as a happy ticket of beauty that can be won or not won - the other is not given. And if not lucky, then for the "natural" will have to still look to the surgeon.

It is sad, of course, that in our country the notorious variety of beauty does not yet take root under the yoke of stereotypes that the girl must be skinny, well-groomed and submissive, otherwise she is "unmarried", "lazy", "does not care about health".

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