How beneficial is cloud mining?

The boom of mining cryptocurrency, first of all, Bitcoin, today swept the whole world. Maynut is no longer just amateur single or small groups, but on a national scale.

It’s more than difficult to start in such conditions “from scratch”: to beat the competition and make the process profitable, it will take considerable investments in the latest equipment - at least a mining farm - as well as energy and time costs.

However, all these obstacles can be successfully circumvented if you use the cloud mining service.

Cloud mining: how it works

A certain company acquires special equipment for mining and simply transfers power to customers for a certain fee: most often the purchase of annual tariff plans and small commissions for consumed electricity and maintenance.

The advantages of this method of mining cryptocurrency for the client:

  • You do not need to spend money on the purchase of expensive equipment, connect and configure it, pay impressive bills “for the light”, worry about network interruptions, listen to the noise of coolers, etc .;
  • by creating mining groups — pools — income is significantly higher than with regular distribution mining;
  • it just takes much less time to monitor, verify statistics and possible correction, than if you do the whole process yourself.

The problem is small - to choose a service company with reasonable prices and a good reputation, which guarantees high profitability of your investments.

Popular cloud mining services

Today, the best reviews of work and profitability have such companies that provide cloud mining services, such as HashFlare, Genesis Mining, BitMiner, GigaHash, SkicoinLab and some others working with several cryptocurrencies that provide power at truly “divine” prices and with daily payouts .

The most in demand in the market services of the company HashFlare.

By making a small financial investment (the minimum amount is only $ 1.5), HashFlare customers receive:

  • use of capacities of modern equipment with a guarantee of uninterrupted work;
  • choice of one / several of the 5 basic tariff plans, including the most profitable options - SHA-256 and Scrypt;
  • profitability management through independent pool selection and capacity allocation;
  • very attractive price offers (one of the best on the market).

The peculiarity of the company's marketing policy is numerous promotions and the ability to use a promotional code when ordering to receive a discount. To get acquainted with the proposals, it is enough to look at the page of the Internet resource Save, where you can find all the current HashFlare promotional codes, as well as full information about promotions for ETASH, Scrypt and SHA-256. This usually gives from 5% to 50% savings on the purchase of almost any hashrate, and on Black Friday the discount level is generally off scale.

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