How best to watch movies online?

Films are one of the most widely loved types of art. Sank into summer times when it was necessary to go to the cinema to watch a movie, video tapes and discs replaced online cinemas. Before we talk about how best to watch movies online, tell you where they can watch.

Where to watch movies online?

The Internet is replete with sites offering to watch a movie online, but not all of them are safe for your computer. Let us dwell on the main differences between the portals for watching movies online:

  • Some sites require registration to view. This is not always convenient, but if you like the site, you should spend a couple of minutes on registration.
  • Some movies on the site may be paid, but you can always choose another movie with free viewing.
  • Not all sites allow you to watch movies online without advertising.

The most convenient resource options are those that do not require registration, and also do not interrupt the film to display advertising.Here are some of them: , , . The portal is designed for movie lovers in English and supports the subtitles translation function.

The social network VKontakte also provides the ability to watch movies online. To find a movie of interest, you can use the search for videos or subscribe to the community with movies.

In the article What is the best site for online films you will find an overview of the most popular resources for watching movies. Additional useful links are contained in another article on our site: Where to watch movies online.

How can I watch movies online

First of all, you need to make sure that the player for watching movies is installed on your computer:

  1. Flash player, you can download it on the official for free.
  2. Torrent Stream player, download free can be here:.

Installing this software is not difficult.

Possible problems

When watching movies online often there are various problems, here is the solution to the most common ones:

  • The video does not load. The first reason is that your Internet speed is not high enough: to watch movies you need a speed of at least 512 Kbps, and preferably from 1 Mbit / s.The second option - the video was deleted, look at another site.
  • The video constantly stops. The reason again may be the speed of your internet. Remember, the better the film, the more you need speed for comfortable viewing. The second option: at the moment, many users are watching this movie. You can solve the problem by running the movie and pressing pause. Leave the movie for a while and resume watching.
  • The sound is behind the video. Most likely, the file has the wrong encoding, try to find the movie on another site.
  • You can not watch the movie to the end. The reason may be a lack of free space on the system disk. The second option - the browser cache used to view the movie is full. Solution: free up space on the system disk, clear or increase the browser cache.

Browser cache

You can clear the cache using special software (for example, CCleaner) or in the settings of your browser. Consider clearing the browser cache with an example:

  • Chrome: in the program menu, select “Settings”, then “History”, and click on the “Clear history” button.
  • Firefox: program menu, select "Settings",Further on the tab “Additional” select the tab “Network”. Then in the “Cached Web Content” subsection, click “Clear”.

Increase the cache:

  • Chrome: open the program shortcut properties window (the last line in the window opened by right-click). In the window that appears, open the tab "Shortcut", and add the line "Object" to the entry that we make using a space: --disk-cache-size = 1073741824. The numeric value after the equal sign is the desired cache size, in this example it is 1 gigabyte.
  • Firefox: Go to the same subsection as when cleaning up: “Cached web content”, put a tick in the “Disable automatic cache management” field and set the required value in MB.

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