How can you lose weight if you drink water

Slimming water

To lose weight, drink non-carbonated water. Besides the fact that carbon dioxide is of no use to the body, it also contributes to its dehydration and the emergence of a feeling of hunger. For frequent consumption, give preference to clean water, however, you can afford to drink water with a low degree of mineralization (no more than 1 g / l), which accelerates the process of losing weight.
Water temperature is also of great importance. To establish the work of the intestine, in the morning on an empty stomach drink cold water. If there are spasms in the gastrointestinal tract, consume water in the form of heat. And to maintain the slim figure, use water at room temperature.
Drink water slowly in small sips. This will allow it to better absorb the body.
The effectiveness of the use of water for weight loss will increase, if you regularly exercise, eliminate from the diet, flour, fatty, sweet and other harmful products for the figure.It is also worth reducing, and it is better to exclude the use of alcoholic and carbonated drinks, tea and coffee. In the future, each portion of the listed drinks, �compensate� for the body as an additional glass of water.

Options for drinking water for weight loss

In order to significantly reduce the size of servings of food consumed, which means to lose weight, drink 1 glass of water 15 minutes before a meal, while retaining the usual set of products in the diet, but without any special excesses.
You can get rid of excess weight by drinking 200 milliliters of water before breakfast, 400 milliliters before lunch and 600 milliliters before dinner. Diet also leave the same.
For weight loss, you can use the water diet, the duration of which is 3 days. Reduce caloric intake to 1300 kcal, giving up fatty and starchy foods. Daily drink 3 liters of liquid - water, tea and infusions.
Water "Donat" is a unique mineral water from Slovenia, helping to get rid of a large number of diseases, as well as to find harmony.

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