How can you protect yourself from being struck by lightning?

What is a thunderstorm, during which so often there are lightning? This is a natural phenomenon in the atmosphere, which is characterized by the presence of electrical discharges. They originate among cumulonimbus clouds, penetrate to the ground, accompanied by peals of thunder and intense precipitation.

As a rule, a thunderstorm carries with it rain or hail, a gust of wind. These discharges are called lightning. Sometimes they occur during eruptions of volcanoes, accompany tornadoes and dust storms. The size of the lightning is giant, in some cases reaching a length of up to twenty kilometers, with an average length of two and a half.

“I love the thunderstorm in early May, when the spring first thunder ...”, - these initial lines of the famous poem of the famous poet are familiar from school. They describe the phenomenon in bright, joyful colors.

But in life, unfortunately, meeting with lightning during a thunderstorm can bring a lot of troubles. Extreme situations in the form of lightning strike often occur in ordinary life, especially in places where this natural phenomenon occurs regularly.For example, in the southern regions of Russia, in some states of America, where people and animals are often killed by lightning.

The greatest danger lies in the unpredictability of the situation and the unexpected appearance of an electrical discharge. Unlike forecasting such natural disasters as a flood or volcanic eruption, with the possibility of preparation for consequences, a thunderstorm with lightning catches by surprise.

However, with certain knowledge, you can protect others and yourself from injury and death. Below are the rules of behavior during a thunderstorm in the shelter and in the open.

Option One

How to escape from lightning? If there is an opportunity to quickly find shelter and remain in it until the end of the thunderstorm, then this is the best way to protect yourself. Some people do not hurry to hide from the lightning, not realizing that if it is clearly visible, it means that it can overtake at any moment.

Do not seek refuge at the last moment. With the first signs of an approaching thunder and with thunder, it is necessary to immediately assess the environment and determine the place where it is safe to wait out a natural cataclysm.Immediately exclude from the number of shelters trees of any height, electrical supports. Stone structure will be the best option.

  1. Hiding well in residential buildings, some of them can even be equipped with a lightning conductor.
  2. In the absence of housing in the immediate vicinity, you can use a machine with a body made of iron that can draw current at a loss. Observe the rules of being in the vehicle. Close all windows with doors, do not touch the metal parts inside it and the glass, in order to avoid electric shock. The radio must be turned off.
  3. Small buildings, such as outdoor toilet, are not suitable for shelter. However, like other open spaces, only attracting electrical discharges.
  4. Never consider a tree as protection, since the current immediately spreads to objects under it. In addition, you can get a dangerous injury when a tree or its branches fall.
  5. Pets are also escorted to a safe place. Remember that dogs' booths and other local conglomerations are not such. Tied to a fence dog or any other animal, it risks being hit by lightning.
  6. During thunderstorms all windows should be closed. It is not recommended to stand near them, it is better to be deep inside the premises.
  7. Wait out the thunderstorm, without touching metal objects and electrical appliances. Fixed phones are the most common cause of electric shock in America. Lightning is able to penetrate homes through any electrically conductive material. Do not touch the outlet by unplugging appliances.
  8. Concrete walls with metal fittings inside also pose a threat. Therefore, do not lean against them.
  9. Avoid showers and baths, including indoor pools.

It is advisable not to leave the shelter within half an hour after the last electrical discharge. Reducing the amount of precipitation is not a reason for reaching the open area. The risk of lightning still persists.

Option Two

How to act if a thunderstorm found in the open area? We must take all measures to reduce the risk. While on the street in the absence of shelter, try to adhere to the following recommendations. Then it will be possible to minimize the possibility of defeat by discharge.

  1. Lightning strikes are more prone to high ground, so it’s best to be in a lowland. As low as possible, security is guaranteed.
  2. Open space, such as the field on which you become a magnet for lightning, due to the height in relation to other objects, is the most dangerous place.
  3. Do not come close to tall trees, lampposts and other tall structures.
  4. Do not stand near awnings, golf carts, stands and similar metal structures that can be a source of danger.
  5. Leave immediately any aquatic environment. If a storm caught you while fishing or swimming, quickly retire to a safe distance, as water is an excellent conductor of electricity.
  6. If you are not alone, then it is recommended to separate, and continue the path at a distance of fifteen to thirty meters from each other to avoid the transfer of discharge between people. With each lightning strike make a roll call for timely assistance to the victim.
  7. If there is a backpack with metal parts in the equipment, it should be urgently removed and kept away from the place of supposed stay during the thunderstorm. The recommended distance is thirty meters.
  8. In open areas relevant posture, allowing the safest ride out the cataclysm. The man squats down, putting his feet together.He drops his chest to his knees, wrapping his arms around them. If you lie flat on the ground, the risk of injury increases, due to an increase in the area of ​​impact. With all the inconvenience of posture, this is the best opportunity to save lives when struck by lightning, while preserving the functions of vital organs.
  9. To protect your hearing and eyesight, close your ears with your eyes.
  10. Wearing rubber boots helps isolate the current.
  11. The following phenomena may be the forerunners of lightning:
  • electrified hair;
  • slight tingling in the skin;
  • vibration of light metal objects;
  • crackling

Any of these signs serves as a signal for immediate reception of the posture described above.

Precautionary measures

Human security most often depends on himself. Remember that the best way to avoid being struck by lightning is to not meet with it.

  1. Taking into account the climatic features of the terrain will help to plan the movement for long distances. Signs like suffocating heat or a darkened sky can predict a thunderstorm. However, it should be borne in mind that a lightning strike may occur unexpectedly, and in the absence of signs.
  2. Calculating the distance to the lightning will help you navigate the search for shelter. With its visual absence, count the time between a clap of thunder and a flash. If you counted less than thirty seconds, then immediately hide, as the lightning is at a distance of ten kilometers from you, or less.
  3. Planning is also useful. In advance, determine the places of shelters along the way of movement and stipulate all actions during a thunderstorm with fellow travelers before going on a campaign.
  4. Do not forget about first aid equipment and alternative light sources, which is so important in extreme situations.
  5. Take care of the correct installation of the lightning rod in the living room, if you live in a place with frequent natural phenomena in the form of thunderstorms.
  6. Remember the rescue phone number and learn the rules for first aid in case of defeat, taking into account the avoidance of risk for you personally. The common phrase that lightning does not strike two times in one place, unfortunately, is a delusion.

Lightning is a beautiful and inspiring natural phenomenon that can be deadly. Do not forget about this, going on a trip to nature or being at home.

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