How can you quickly get rid of hiccups

How fast can you get rid of hiccups

How to quickly get rid of hiccups

Unfortunately, adults also suffer from hiccups, but at a conscious age a person has some knowledge about how to get rid of hiccups. But even they do not know how to do it as quickly as possible. Here will be considered the main ways to get rid of the convulsive contraction of the diaphragm, which the people have long been tested. It is these cuts that cause unpleasant spasms that accompany discomfort. And that is not so important to know why a person hiccups, as long as it is not a symptom of a disease, fortunately this is a rare phenomenon. Mostly hiccups occur for absolutely trivial reasons. Most likely, the hiccups became a consequence of the stretched stomach and freezing. Fortunately, this is easily prevented with a few tricks.


Ways to get rid of hiccups



  1. Everyone knows the old-fashioned way says that you can get rid of hiccups with a glass of cold water.To drink from a glass suffering from hiccups should another person. This is a fairly effective method in which getting rid of hiccups occurs fairly quickly, due to the acquisition of a natural form by the diaphragm, in which nerve irritation stops.
  2. Another way that is useful if there is no water nearby or a person who can give you a drink. To do this, inhale quickly and strongly several times and hold the air in the lungs as long as possible. If after the first time the hiccups did not pass, then repeat this exercise several times.
  3. The method of chewing a crust of bread is also quite popular. If this method did not work, then they gave to hold in the mouth a small piece of ice, which should, then swallow.
  4. If during the hiccups you are at an important meeting, and there is no possibility to leave it, then you can try to give hiccups by yourself. Just relax and calm down. This condition will allow the irritated phrenic nerve to calm down, and you will feel that you no longer need to know at the moment how to get rid of hiccups.

Ways to get rid of hiccups

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