How do the balls?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
July 22, 2014
How do the balls?

For many people, the ball since childhood is associated with the holiday. They are presented to each other, they are decorated with the halls, they are launched into the air at the final stage of the solemn event. But not everyone knows how to make balloons.

In the production of balls there are five stages:

  • preparation of latex mass;
  • the formation of balls;
  • washing and drying;
  • removal from the form of finished products;
  • quality control.

Preparation of latex mass

Modern balls are made of latex. They include not only rubber. Its percentage usually does not exceed 60%. All the rest is non-toxic chemical impurities, fillers and dyes. It is the quality of the components that will primarily depend on the strength and appearance of future balls. Each manufacturer keeps the exact composition and technology secret. The goal of all manipulations is to get an elastic mass.

Forming balls

To give the balls shape using special blanks. Their configuration depends on the final type of product, but very much resembles a ball in a deflated form.Materials for pigs use a variety of: ceramics, plastic, aluminum.

  1. First of all, the tip is placed in a coagulant, which will play the role of a magnet that “collects” latex.
  2. The form moistened with a coagulant is dipped in latex.
  3. A chemical reaction occurs, the result of which is the adhesion of the latex to the disc.
  4. Calcium nitrate, water and / or alcohol are used as a coagulant.
  5. If this is required by the technology, the balls are dried, after which they are again immersed in latex. To make the balls smooth, they are passed through rotating brushes or rollers.

Washing and drying

The pigs with freshly applied latex are allowed to dry. Washing is an obligatory and very important stage in the production of balls. By means of it, harmful substances are removed from the surface of the ball. In case of unfair attitude of the manufacturer to this stage, spheres containing harmful substances are marketed. After washing, the billet is placed in a drying chamber. Here the latex mass loses excess moisture and hardens under the influence of temperature. With the help of a fan, finished products are cooled to room temperature.

Removal from the form of finished products

The balls are dried, hardened and ready for separation from the mold. This is done manually, using water or compressed air.

Quality control

Each batch is subject to mandatory control. Check not only the presence of defects, but also the absence of harmful impurities. Good quality balls have walls of the same thickness, do not leave an unpleasant taste in the mouth, the edges of the hole are movable.

Now it is not a secret to you how balloons do. Observation of the process of their production is fascinating.

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