How is bear fat useful?

Bear fat is a favorite product of traditional medicine. Many people know about its unique properties not by hearsay, but some are still interested: "What is its use and what is the method of use?"

What is in the composition?

For ease of use, bear fat is melted into a uniform white or yellowish consistency in appearance resembling ordinary lard. It is a product without a special smell and taste. If it is stored at a temperature of + 20- + 30, then it has a liquid consistency, but if it is placed in a refrigerator, then it hardens.

Bear fat consists of:

  • proteins;
  • nucleic acids;
  • ginsenoside triterpene glycosides (panaxosides);
  • cytamines (thymusamines, pankraminov, bronkhalaminov, cerebramines, renisamines, ventraminov, hepatamines, etc.);
  • vitamins: A, groups B, E;
  • poly - and monounsaturated fatty acids, for example, Omega-3, etc .;
  • macro-and micronutrients;
  • many other useful substances.

Mode of application

Bear fat is used as an external and internal therapeutic, as well as a prophylactic agent.Store in cool conditions at a temperature range from -20 to +5.

Before use, it is advisable to hold it for some time at room temperature. Warm before use is not recommended!

As a preventive measure, it is applied orally for a month twice a day, one hour before eating. Reception is desirable to repeat several times a year, with an interval of 1 month.

Dosage application:

  • adults - 1 dess. spoon, and if the fat is mixed with honey, you should get 1 tbsp. a spoon;
  • Children: kindergarten age: 1/3 tsp; from 6 to 12 years ½ tsp; from 12 to the age of majority - 1 tsp.

In order for children to eat bear fat with pleasure, we recommend mixing it with a glass of milk and a few spoons of honey or jam (if there is no allergy to the listed components).

Indications for use

Bear fat is used to get rid of a number of ailments, as well as an additional tool in the fight against them. For example, to improve and normalize:

  • thyroid work;
  • metabolism;
  • the work of the urinary organs;
  • blood pressure;
  • the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys;
  • immunity;
  • memory, as well as the functioning of the brain as a whole.

Moreover, the beneficial properties of the drug are that it blocks the inflammatory processes in the body, dulls pain in the joints and spine, fights microbes on wounds and even reduces the risk of developing cancer cells in the human body.

The drug is used:

  • for restoration of liver function after long-term drug treatment;
  • during physical exhaustion after excessive physical exertion;
  • for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases;
  • from coughing and for getting rid of other ailments associated with the upper respiratory system;
  • to solve cosmetic problems, namely: in the fight against the formation of wrinkles, peeling of the skin, its weathering, etc.

After reading a number of positive properties, there is a desire to buy this unique tool. You can buy it at any pharmacy in your city. The main thing is to first consult with the doctor.

Restrictions on the use of

Despite the usefulness of the product, there are some contraindications:

  1. for children up to three years old, use only for rubbing the thoracic in curing cough, and inside it is not desirable;
  2. nursing mothers and pregnant women are not allowed to use any kind of application;
  3. people with a diagnosis of cholelithiasis and other pathologies of the biliary tract are not recommended.

Attention! To eliminate the possibility of side effects and do not harm your body, we advise you to consult a doctor before taking bear fat.

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