How many bananas calories, BZHU and sugar?

Many people mistakenly, even up to a very advanced age, consider a banana to be a fruit growing on palm trees. In fact, the usual yellow jelly crescents with a tender and elastic, slightly oily pulp in a dense peel areberries of a grassy plant, often reaching a height of 6–9 meters. From here comes the false idea of ​​palms with monkeys jumping between leaves, eating these “fruits” with pleasure.

As you know, a banana is good for a good mood, and in general, fresh fruits, vegetables and berries are recommended for proper and healthy nutrition. However, adhering to a certain menu, if you want to lose weight or due to diseases, it is not enough to know thatbanana is a trigger for the hormones of happinessendorphins. Curious calories of this product, the content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates (BZHU), the presence of sugar are curious to dieters.

in one average banana without peel 120 kcal

Bunch of ripe bananas

How many calories in 1 banana without peel and 100 grams?

Are bananas calories and how many kcal (kilocalories) in one banana? Such questions are asked by those who plan a diet with the mandatory inclusion of various types of fruits and vegetables. Despite the fact that this fruit is considered a useful delicacy, with a healthy diet it is recommended to carefully consider its caloric value and energy value.

Banana is considered one of the most high-calorie foods.

When calculating calories for a day, you need to know: the calorific value (energy value) of one banana without the peel (skins)makes 120 kcal for an average fruit. The phrase “medium fruit” is the key here: bananas, like other fruits, differ in varieties and growing conditions, and therefore their energy value may vary significantly. For the fruit that has ripened (with brown spots and rare dark stripes on the peel) of the fetus, the caloric content will be 180 kcal - the equivalent of the energy value of 100 g of boiled chicken fillet.

The number of calories in a banana
(1 pc.) - 110 ... 180 kcal

The baby banana sold by attractive bunches in supermarkets, because of its small size, contains 80–90 kcal.Slightly acidic bananas of a rather rare, “green” variety Platano are distinguished by low calorie content - about 60 kcal in one fruit.

Calorie 100 grams. banana cheese (1 piece) without peel

Of course, there is one and the same product in its pure form, every day, not everyone will master it and it is not necessary: ​​among people there are both real banana-eaters and those who are more than indifferent to these fruits. Banana menu is quite possible to diversify by adding to it curd casseroles, yogurt, yogurt or ordinary cottage cheese -The calorific value is calculated as the sum of the components of the kcal products:

  • banana with yoghurt - 135 kcal;
  • kefir with banana puree - 60 kcal;
  • cottage cheese with a banana - 190 kcal;
  • but the curd-banana casserole will be much less caloric - just 100-105 calories.
calorie curd with banana 190 kcal

Waffle with slices of banana and granulated cottage cheese

How many calories in one average dried banana without peel

Banana - a very diverse berry, which is good and in its pure form, and with cocoa or sour-milk products. Many people prefer these fruits in dried form as a nutritious snack, believing that such their hypostasis is more beneficial for the body.However, a dried (dried) banana product is one more “fruit”: its caloric content is practicallytwice as highenergy value of fresh overripe fruit.

Calorie 1 pc. dried banana is about 100 kcal

When calculating the diet menu, it is necessary to take into account that, for obvious reasons, the weight of an average dried banana is lower than the weight of a fresh one and is 25–35 g. can not.

Calorie (nutritional value) 100 gr. banana chips

Banana chips fried in butter a priori cannot be lower-calorie than fresh fruits - they are: high calorie content makes this product unsuitable for a diet menu, they contain:

  • proteins - 9–10 kcal;
  • fats - 300–310 kcal;
  • carbohydrates - 200–205 kcal.

So, we count how many calories are 100 grams. banana chips? Receives510–525 kcal. A small bag of such a product is quite comparable in calories to a full meal.

per 100 g of banana chips 520 kcal

Banana chips are very high in calories

How many proteins, fats and carbohydrates (BZHU) in one banana without peel and 100 g of banana?

Let's move on to another indicator of nutritional value - BJU: the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. When drafting a diet menu with the participation of banana fruits, many questions arise: is there a protein in a banana, how many carbohydrates are there in 1 banana, and in what form should it be used so that it is most beneficial for the body?

The composition of BJU banana per 100 grams:

  • proteins - 1.5 g (6 kcal);
  • fats - 0.1 mg (5 kcal);
  • carbohydrates - 21.8 g (84 kcal).

An important indicator is how many grams of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in a banana (1 pc.):

  • proteins - 2.5 g;
  • fats - 0.2 g;
  • carbohydrates - 32 g

The data are shown on the average weight of the fruit of medium maturity.

The ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates (by weight) is considered optimal for a banana: 16%, 17%, 67%

How much does one medium banana weigh without a peel?

To recalculate the indicators indicated per 100 g of the product, you need to know how much an average weight of a banana weighs.Weight 1 pc. is 150 grams. An average crude fruit weighs 200 grams, with a banana peel weighing approximately 50 grams, which is a quarter of the total weight. Know the average weight of a banana without a peel is necessary when preparing complex dishes, banana cookies, desserts, cocktails, etc.

Naturally, few people buy a banana in the store - a bunch and stored longer, and a useful product at hand is not one day. How many bananas in 1 kg? Again, if we take into account the average weight of the fruit (200 g with peel), thenin one kilogram there will be five pieces.

the weight of one medium banana peel 150 g

A bunch of ripe bananas and honey

Are they getting fat from bananas?

In fact, the answer is not so unequivocal, even if we take into account the solid caloric content of this herbal berry. There is an opinion that due to the high content of carbohydrates you can get fat from bananas - indeed,A carbohydrate rich fruit quickly causes a sense of satietyHowever, if you do not eat bananas in kilograms day after day, those extra pounds are unlikely to form.

The myth that bananas are getting fat is based on a very solid caloric content of the product, but it should be noted that in addition to the presence of an average banana 110–150 kcalit is valuable by other easily digestible substances:

  • minerals and vitamins;
  • fast “burning” in the body and giving energy for the whole day glucose, sucrose and fructose;
  • malic acid and special enzymes, invaluable for the absorption of carbohydrates.

With a rationally constructed diet to recover from the bananas will not succeed. In addition, it is this herb of herbaceous originallowed by dietitians for chronic gastritis and stomach ulcers.

Do they get fat from bananas

Dessert: fried bananas with whipped cream

How much sugar is in one banana?

Bananas are food products.high in sugarand therefore cannot be recommended for low-calorie meals:

  • in 100 banana contains 12.23 g;
  • A ripe banana (1 pc.) contains 12–16 g of sugar.

With proper nutrition, bananas, in turn, maintain optimal blood sugar levels, arresting bouts of uncontrolled hunger.

Each banana, depending on the variety and weight, contains two - two and a half teaspoons of sugar

Is there a starch in a banana?

Depending on the state of ripeness of the banana, the starch in it is a different share:

  • bananas are immature, green is richinsoluble, resistant starch- this substance is not digested in the small intestine of a person, and the fermentation process in the large intestine takes place, causing increased gas formation and bubbling in the stomach;
  • in ripe bananasstarch is converted to sugar,that is why ripe bananas are sweet compared to greens and easier for the digestive process.
there is starch in green bananas

In unripe bananas (green skinned) a lot of starch

There are people who like the bright herbal taste of unripe bananas much more - perhaps knowing about the significant content of starch in such fruits will help them create a more rational menu.

How many vitamins are in a banana?

In the pulp of a banana there are vitamins necessary for the normal functioning of the human body:

  • vitamin C- A strong antioxidant that helps slow down the aging process of the skin and increase the body's resistance to various infectious diseases;
  • B vitaminssmooth out the symptoms of PMS and have a beneficial effect on the nervous system;
  • vitamin Eprolongs the vigorous activity of skin cells - it becomes elastic, elastic and smooth;
  • caroteneprotect the body from cancer and cardiovascular diseases, prevent premature aging of the body.

100 g of banana contains:

Vitamins Content in mg
  • vitamin A
  • vitamin b1
  • vitamin B2
  • vitamin b3
  • vitamin b6
  • vitamin b9
  • vitamin C
  • vitamin E

What is the difference between mini-bananas and ordinary ones?

Fruits of dwarf bananas are called baby Baby (Banana), sugar bananas, banana babies, and thesesmall bananas are different from large onesnot only in size:

  • the yellow flesh has a sweeter taste;
  • high content of vitamins and microelements makes them healthier;
  • the calorie content of one small banana is 80-90 calories.

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