How not to eat a lot?

The main cause of obesity in more than 70% of people is the consumption of a large amount of food. And only less than 20% are obese from the disease. From gluttony, a person can save himself if he shows willpower, and if obesity has not yet reached a critical size. So let's consider how not to eat a lot.

How to reduce the number of meals

First you need to consult a doctor. If you want to start exercising your body, then you need to know if you are suffering from a serious disease that led to obesity, if you are not contraindicated for movement, swimming pool, gym, etc. But with physical exertion, you must begin to limit yourself in food. You understand this with the mind, and a stomach stretched by a huge amount of food will demand its own. Therefore, firstly, we must try to reduce its size. Start eating in small portions. At first you will do this very often, try to keep at least 2 hours between meals. Then gradually make the interval larger, but without increasing the portion volume, until you come to the 4 hour interval.So, you will have a mode where you eat at 7 (breakfast), 11 (snack), 15 (lunch), 19 (dinner) hours. This is the most optimal meal schedule, you can shift it to half an hour to an earlier time. But dinner after 19 hours is not worth it, even if you go to bed at 12 at night.

What food is there

If you want to learn how not to eat a lot and lose weight by the summer season, then carefully study your diet. One dietary option is Kremlin dieting, excluding carbohydrates. Place chicken, meat, boiled egg and sour cream on the plate. On such a diet, there is not much that you want, believe me. If you do not violate it, then the amount eaten by itself will decrease. Any diet involves monotonous foods and a variety of prohibitions, so the amount of food will decrease, because you just get tired of eating the same products. And also noticed that if the food is not cooked tasty, then you will not eat much of it, right? Just do not let yourself on the "tasteless" table in the pie.

Reception plate

This psychological technique works great if you want to learn how to learn not to eat a lot. Replace your regular plate with a smaller one. Start with a 2 cm difference.Put food on it so that it is placed freely and beautifully. After a week, when you get used to this plate, once again reduce it by 2 cm. And so on until your usual plate becomes a little larger than the saucer. It is not difficult for you to do this, it is even interesting to buy new dishes, experiment.

No additives

After mastering the reception of a dish, the most important rule must be clearly followed - no additives! But you can eat from a small plate, but you can eat three of them. In general, do not eat anything after you have eaten the main portion. Also, an additive can be considered all that you eat with tea. Tea is an independent dish, it can only be accompanied by a tablespoon of skimmed milk and a pair of sugar substitutes tablets. And pies, cookies, sweets, cakes - this is an additive to your dinner, dinner! Exclude her mercilessly!


Another story, how to learn not to eat a lot, like that. In the old days there was one tradition. The head of the family (the man) forced all the daughters-in-law to drink two cups of water before lunch. In this case, they did not eat much! Imagine, they worked in the field without straightening their backs, and they were also offered water before meals.But that's not the point. Modern women have long avenged such deprivations and ate everything that their daughters-in-law were fed up. True, with the consequences in the form of obesity. So it's time to return to the old tradition. Before eating, drink a glass of water at room temperature (a very cold appetite is very hot, and a hot one will simply not get into you). Sit five minutes and start eating. First - the soup. It is liquid, often low-calorie. Eat it slowly, without bread. After a while you will feel full, perhaps even giving up the second.

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