How not to spoil a good relationship?

You are in love, your love is mutual, the relationship is wonderful, there are no complaints. And while you are not thinking about the theme "Something is wrong between us ..." (it always comes to the girls when it's all right), we advise you to direct your love energy in the right direction and think about what you can do to make it a little better.

Take care of yourself

No matter at what stage your relationship, it's never too late to think about whether you are dissolving in a partner. Even in the stage of the exciting beginning of the novel, take yourself in hand and stay away from the whirlpool of emotional merging. No "I am you, you are me." You are you, and your Vasya is Vasya. And should never be any different. Why is it important to remember this? For the sake of a strong union, not otherwise. After all, it is built only with the participation of two independent and self-sufficient people in it. How to check if you have a dependency on your loved one? Answer the question of how you are with him and without him. If in both cases you are fine, it seems that the danger has bypassed you.

How not to spoil a good relationship?

Be friends and communicate with other people

Even the strongest couples should keep in touch with friends and colleagues. The fact that you are now together does not mean that it's time to tie with your favorite activities, Friday meetings, corporate parties. Discuss with each other all that is important to you - all your friendly needs or habits. Listen to your partner's opinion: everything that he voices should not cause panic and fear. Very often, couples begin to be friends with their own kind (with couples). On the one hand, this is natural, on the other - a bit limited and dull. Friendship should not be based on the principle of marital status or the presence of children. Be honest with yourself - be friends with those who you truly like.

Do not alter your partner

Each of us has in his head his own picture of the world with regards to everything, and especially about how the partner next to you should be. If you know all about yourself well, then, most likely, you choose not just some abstract person, but a concrete personality that interests you, and agree to a relationship. Reshaping an adult man after a while the relationship is ignorant and unwise. Especially try to remake it for yourself: what could be worse? Behind this lies egoism, and my own megalomania, and the fear that your chosen one is not like you, and thinks differently.Understand your cockroaches as early as possible, otherwise they will destroy your even the most reliable relationship.

How not to spoil a good relationship?

Speak the financial rules of the game in your pair

Money is a common cause of quarrels between couples. Love is love, and everyone has different expectations and attitudes towards money. Without a clear understanding of the financial component, you can not even try to get married. For example, he believes that both should work, and you dream of becoming a homemaker. Or he believes that the total budget is logical, and you planned to spend your salary on yourself. In general, financial compatibility is very similar to sexual: everyone should clearly understand each other's preferences. Otherwise there will be no satisfaction!

Do not expect your partner to read your mind.

Many girls think that over time, the partner turns into a magician and begins to read your thoughts (because he knows you so well!). Do not bother yourself and him with these expectations, for them lies a huge responsibility. Are you offended? So take offense in a normal way. Tell us what the problem is, and then sulk as you please. A man has the right to know what happened.Especially understatement wears any person - it does not matter whether it's a man or a woman. So be human!

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