How not to turn into a boring aunt?

Do not dwell on life

We all understand the importance of cleaning, flushing the toilet lid and neatly folded towels. But it is not necessary to bring the economy to the point of absurdity, because in this case you become like your mothers and grandmothers, who got their husbands about any household trifles. If the plates arranged in places become more important to you than family relationships, then you have become an aunt.

Do not try to catch everything

When we were young and free, we had only two tasks: to study well and to look good. When we grew up, we had so many things to do and problems that, behind the desire to save all of humanity, we sometimes forget about ourselves and our desires. Believe me, there is no need to be a gag for every barrel, even if you are really capable of multitasking. It seems to you that you give the impression of a superwoman or a business woman, but from the side you look like a squirrel in a wheel. This is unattractive.

Not scandal

We all find ourselves in a situation where you have to express your opinion or express dissatisfaction with someone or something. But this can be done in different ways.If you solve all the issues through a scandal, then you are a typical aunt, no matter how old you are. Try to communicate with people normally, and you will be surprised how effective a constructive dialogue can be.

How not to turn into a boring aunt?

Do not gossip

Nobody forbids discussing problems or telling an interesting story of a friend, especially if it is useful to someone. But do not stoop to discussing a particular person behind him in a negative way and certainly not attributing to him what is not, but it seems to you that this is so. Leave it for aunts with experience who have no greater joy in life than a talk show on TV. And you can still save yourself.

Be interested in

You must have some kind of hobby that will make you an interesting person, and not just a woman-wife, a woman-mother, or, even worse, a woman-servant with her husband and children. You should not be bored, because a bored woman quickly turns into that same aunt who realizes herself either in long chatter on the phone with her friends, or at the TV screen, or in daily brainwashing to family members.

Do not wear only boring and practical clothes.

In the wardrobe of your aunt you will not find bright colors, magnificent skirts and pins. They wear only boring clothes, which must meet some clear criteria for them, which all normal women do not care for a long time. They like to talk about “provincial tastes” and think that they dress stylishly, although in reality their clothes are just a reflection of their sad personality. Do not be like them, wear what you like.

How not to turn into a boring aunt?

Do fitness

Aunts do not do fitness, because they are inherently hard to lift and activity is not for them. If you find time to practice in your busy schedule, you will feel the fidget girl released inside you, and this will affect all areas of your life. You will have more strength and energy than before the lessons, you will work more efficiently and with pleasure, you will be free from many complexes, and the sullen aunt inside you will have to be hammered far under the bench.

Think first about yourself

Selfishly? Yes. But if you do not think about yourself, others will not bother with this. Self-confident women live as they are told by their soul and heart, while their aunts are constantly worried about what others think of them. The opinion of the neighbor for them is more valuable than their own desires. Live the way you like, not paying attention to gossip.Do you remember that only aunts are gossiping? They simply envy and are angry that they do not have the courage to live freely like you.

Rejoice in what you have

Aunts are always unhappy with life, they see a half empty glass and do not know how to enjoy life, even if they are not so bad. Once I myself was like that. Then I learned to be grateful to the Universe for what I have at the moment. This does not interfere with moving forward, but allows you to rejoice at what has already been achieved and not to grumble in vain.

How not to turn into a boring aunt?

Do not forget the little joys

Do not underestimate their importance in our lives. Unfortunately, many become more practical over the years and delete things from the list not of the first necessity, even if they bring joy. Why wear expensive lace underwear? You can do something more simple. Why take a foamy aromatic bath? Faster take a shower. Why buy new earrings? It is better to buy a more powerful vacuum cleaner. Why throw out a stretched T-shirt? At home, you can wear. When you start looking at everything from a practical and vital point of view, you become an aunt. Let yourself weaknessDo not "strangle" your desires on the vine! Let something seem to you not entirely rational, but if the soul demands to buy a new fragrance or another pair of shoes - do not deny yourself, do not turn into a boring aunt. Buy a vacuum cleaner next time.

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