How often do I need to wash my hair?

How often do I need to wash my hair?
Hygiene procedures accompany us from birth. Our attractiveness in the eyes of people around depends on our grooming. And at the same time, some questions remain unanswered, allow themselves to drift, or belong to the field of guesswork. One of these questions is: “How often should I wash my hair?” Let's try to figure it out. The very first answer that comes to mind - as far as pollution. However, this is only one-sided opinion, since different people have their own, individual measure, determined by their age, hair type and gender. It turns out that in different situations the answer to this question will also be different.

How often do you need to wash your hair girl and man

Highlights hair tintingShampooing by sex? What's the difference? And she is. In men, the skin is more dense, with a large number of sweat and sebaceous glands. In addition, more often the male field of activity is associated with physical exertion, experiencing stressful situations, construction work, sports training.Therefore, a statistically stronger sex washes the head more often. It is easier for a man to dry his hair, it does not take him much time. Therefore, even daily washing is not a problem for him.
When the question is how often to wash the girl's head, the beautiful half is set, then, rather, it is dictated by considerations of appearance and the harmfulness of the hot air dryer. For some girls, daily shampooing has already become a ritual, similar to the induction of beauty with the help of decorative cosmetics. However, this behavior is always based on, for example, oily hair.
Men and women suffering from dandruff should treat their locks with care. After all, seborrhea can be both dry and oily. With excessive dryness of the scalp frequent washing can only aggravate the situation, as well as the lack of proper hygiene with greasiness. How to find a middle ground? For dandruff, do the following:

  • make sure the shampoo suits you. To do this, change it and observe the condition of the head;
  • if possible, wash your hair with a frequency not more than 2 times a week;
  • if daily washing is necessary, do it with the help of special tools recommended for such frequent procedures.Remember that some components of dandruff shampoos can dry out the scalp, which not only does not eliminate seborrhea, but translates it into another state;
  • wash your head with warm water, rinse with cool;
  • once a week, “pamper” yourself by scrubbing with tea tree oil or rinsing with herbal infusion.

How often to wash greasy or dry hair

How often to wash greasy or dry hair

The question of how often you need to wash your hair, if the hair is dry or oily, is solved very simply. The first ones look clean longer, therefore there is no need for their frequent hygiene. But before washing, which is best done at intervals of once a week, it is advisable to feed the hair with some kind of mask, for example, with sour cream or essential oils of mandarin, geranium or sandalwood.
Oily hair needs frequent washing, even daily, but with the help of special anti-greasiness agents. Normal hair is washed as needed from 1 to 3 times a week.
Hair hygiene may depend on the season and place of residence. Be sensitive to the slightest changes in your hair and pick up your wash mode.
How often do I need to wash my hair for a newborn baby?

How often do I need to wash my hair for a newborn baby?

For children's head hygiene has its own rules.
How often do you need to wash your hair for a newborn? It depends on what is meant by this. Water procedures are recommended for babies daily, respectively, the head is washed with the same frequency. But, the use of detergent (foam, shampoo) baby is allowed only once a week. The rest of the time, the body (and the head as well) is washed with clean water or herbal decoction.
A child under 3 years old should also not wash their hair with shampoo more than once a week. Even if he sweats heavily in his sleep. The only exceptions are cases of severe contamination of hair (poured sand on the head, touched the hair with hands stained in porridge, etc.). The same rules apply up to adolescence.

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