How parenting influences a child

Remember, mother should cultivate masculinity in her son, treat him as a future man, projecting onto him the features that she has associated with the image of a real man. In addition, her attitude toward her husband and respect for his male role also influences how her son will relate to his own masculinity. In Russian culture, images of masculinity and femininity are often rigidly defined and extremely polarized: masculinity is associated with activity, toughness, even rudeness, and femininity with passivity, emotionality, and sacrifice.
Keep in mind, if a child grows up, assuming the categorical framework of his own gender-role identity, it is more difficult for him to realize himself and develop various aspects of his personality: for a girl to be more active and able to stand up for himself, to achieve goals, and for a boy to be in contact with his feelings, to accept your emotionality.
Note that communication with mothers, especially at an early age, is necessary for both girls and boys. Mom can teach a boy to conform to the image of a real man, and good respectfulrelationsin the family this model will be formed for the son as successful.
Consider that the father’s adoption of the woman’s femininity reinforces her self-confidence as a woman, which is important for her mental and personal health. In the process of raising children is very importantrelationsbetween spouses. If they are unsatisfactory, then the child often becomes the object of manipulation and strong attachment to one of the parents. The younger the child, the more importantrelationsin the triangle "mom, dad and child" to assess the well-being of developmentbaby.
Be careful inrelationsx between parents and child between the ages of three and six years, an element of instability appears. Often this is due to the lack of understanding in the family. The kid sees how the parents quarrel, and sometimes they fight, hurling objects at each other. All this brings elements of irritability and anxiety to the character of the baby.This begins to be expressed in nightmares, urinary incontinence, difficulties in speech development and learning, in fear of loneliness, fear of injury, etc.

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