How the body reacts to the long absence of sex

To begin with, it should be noted that people who abstain from sex for a long time are exposed to weakened immunity. And it's not just colds. The list of diseases can be listed indefinitely, starting from the tips of the toes and ending with the head. Very often, people who do not have sex for a long time develop illnesses associated with urination.

Perhaps many have heard that when a woman is nervous or trembling, it means that she has not had sex for a long time. Yes. Lack of sex is very affected by the nerves. But not only women are subject to these symptoms. In men, exactly the same reaction occurs.

Lack of sex has a negative effect on the psychological state of a person. Drowsiness, fatigue, despair, apathy and depression. This is what awaits in the near future a person who refrains from making love.Scientists have long been proven that almost all successful people, regardless of their field of activity, are those who regularly have sex.

The conclusion is pretty simple! To achieve success in life, to be strong, healthy, cheerful, it is necessary to have sex more often.

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