How to achieve smooth hair?

Hairstyles from shiny, docile and smooth hair will never go out of fashion, because a well-groomed appearance is always in trend. With good hair, you can be confident in any of the most unforeseen situations and look "one hundred percent" even without complicated styling.

However, not all nature bestows luxurious hair, and in most cases it is the result of persistent daily work. Sometimes it is not easy to achieve a smooth hair condition, especially in cases when they are damaged and have a porous structure, and, therefore, are prone to electrification, do not fit and grieve their owners with a lot of other problems. So is it possible to find a way out of the situation and make the strands luxuriously smooth?

General recommendations

How to learn to care for hair for smoothness, health and shine, every girl should know from early childhood, because for women a thick braid of healthy hair has always been a matter of pride. It's simple and affordable:

  • wash your hair twice a week and no morewater is not hotter than forty degrees, using shampoo and other means according to your type of hair, which can be dry and brittle, dyed, oily, damaged;
  • every six months, trim the tips to improve the appearance of the hair and eliminate the signs of cross-section and dryness;
  • Many times a day, do not be lazy to spend five minutes combing your hair with a wooden comb to improve the blood supply to the scalp and stimulate the hair follicles for hair growth, and before going to bed and washing your hair - necessarily;
  • in the summer, cover your hair with any panama and caps, use protective equipment to reduce the negative effects of ultraviolet rays, and in the winter, do not forget about the cap in order to prevent their overcooling;
  • prepare homemade cosmetics in the form of masks and apply them once a week;
  • Avoid frequent use of various hot appliances such as an iron and hair dryer, so as not to injure the hairline;
  • Minimize chemical perm and dyeing, choosing the most gentle drugs.

Cosmetical tools

Cosmetics is a popular way of straightening hair and giving it a glossy shine, and manufacturers of cosmetics never cease to please women, releasing more and more new, improved, affordable options. Modern samples of balms, sprays, masks and shampoos from lines of products for smoothness, are composed of useful components, which ensures their stable popularity in the market of cosmetic services.

However, the majority of women who regularly resort to their use, notes the frequent fragility of the result, leading to the return of hair to its former state in a few hours.

The reason for this lack of cosmetics is the discrepancy between the size of its molecules and the size of microscopic hair cracks, which does not allow them to get into the hair structure and remain in it, and the additional effect of attendant factors such as styling, moist air, rain and others, contribute to the slipping of the product from the surface. hair loss and hair loss smoothness.


You can use ironing as a method of straightening hair, especially since the choice of such devices is great enough.Manufacturers are constantly improving models with the guarantee of excellent results, adding new features.

But doctors trichologists are unanimous in their opinion - such tools adversely affect the hair, overheating them, damaging and overdrying. They cause special damage to already damaged or weakened hair, aggravating the situation, and their regular use is not recommended at all.

This method has the right to exist, and it is even very convenient when you need to make a beautiful hairstyle in a short time, but only in special cases such as a celebration, and not as a daily tool.

Salon procedures

They will help to make hair perfect salon procedures, with a completely different approach to the process of straightening. Specialists will fill all structural pores and cracks with professional products, with natural extracts and keratin in their composition. Among the salon services for straightening hair and making it smooth, the following are in particular demand:

  1. The biolamination allowing to reach instant and long effect. It is a complex procedure that restores the hair structure.Additionally, it gives the hair color with the help of ionic dyes, returns the smoothness to the damaged strands with shine. The biolamination procedure ensures success for a long time, without constant use of cosmetics and leveling tools.
  2. Keratin straightening differs from bio-lamination in that the hair does not stain. The main goal of the procedure is medical and restorative. With the help of natural keratin, the pores with cracks in the hair are filled, giving strands of extraordinary smoothness and shine. After keratin straightening there will be no pain with styling - healthy strands easily lie down, according to the wish of the hostess.

Folk methods

With the help of "folk" means, you can also eliminate the "dandelion effect", improve the structure and return the strands of former luxury. The great advantage of this technique is the use of natural ingredients in the preparation of home remedies and their availability. In the case of home hair treatment, structural microcracks are filled with nutrients and moisturizers, the most popular among which are natural oils:

and especially valuable - exotic argan, penetrating through the cell membrane to compensate for the lack of nutrients and moisturize the hair from the inside.

In order to return smoothness and shine to hair, regular long-term treatment courses are needed, consisting in using masks with oils as components, plus oil solutions of vitamins and other related components. The method is long, but very effective, for which some particularly active women simply do not have enough time.

Home recipe

If you decide to resort to folk remedies, despite the excessively saturated rhythm of life, then note the following recipes:

  1. Try a honey-oil mask for the shine and smoothness of medium-length strands. You will need ingredients in the form of burdock or olive oil - five tablespoons, egg yolk, lemon juice and liquid honey - two tablespoons. Take a glass or ceramic dish, in which everything is mixed until smooth. The finished composition is evenly applied to dry strands, the head is warmed with polyethylene and a thick towel, the hour is maintained. Wash off with shampoo for oily hair with lukewarm water.The procedure is carried out weekly.
  2. Make an oil mask for smoothness, brilliance and nutrition from three oils - coconut or almond, olive, burdock, taken in equal parts of three tablespoons. Mix oils, heat slightly and apply warm to hair. Heat the head, wait an hour, rinse with warm water and shampoo. In connection with the high fat content of the composition, the head is washed several times.
  3. You will like the coffee mask for giving smoothness and shine, with components in the form of three tablespoons of olive oil, a tablespoon of freshly brewed coffee, five drops of orange oil. The oil is heated in a water bath, add the remaining ingredients. The composition is applied to the hair, distribute, put on the cap. After thirty minutes, you can wash off as usual.
  4. Pay attention to the mask for growth, smoothness and luster of apple cider vinegar - one teaspoon, oil of castor oil - two tablespoons, two egg yolks, shampoo, suitable for the type of hair - three tablespoons. All mix, put on a clean wet strands, wait fifteen minutes, rinse.

What should be considered?

Masks tend to have a delicate effect, but there are still contraindications.This is the possibility of an allergic reaction to some of the ingredients in the composition.

Therefore, before using home remedies, it is advisable to consult a specialist and conduct an incompatibility test to avoid undesirable consequences and get a real impressive result.

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