How to apply eyeliner

Arrows do not just look around, but model their shape in accordance with the fashion and taste of the possessor. How to apply eyeliner, how thick to make an eyeliner line and where, you can decide only by getting acquainted with the model line of pencils presented on today's market.


Habitual and well-known contour pencils. The formula of their manufacture is identical to the formula of lipstick, but contains a greater number of hardeners. Slate pencil soft and elastic is made from natural wax with the addition of natural oils. The resulting texture: oily and "fluid", provides a smooth glide and smooth application of the contour of the eyes. Due to the special composition, pencils do not cause irritation and can be used by carriers of the most sensitive skin.


It is pleasant and convenient to draw eyes with such pencils, only it should be remembered that the contour is applied more easily and more accurately with a sharply sharpened pencil. To achieve the necessary sharpening help special cosmetic sharpeners.If the pencil that you are using is too hard, then it is reasonable not to scold the manufacturer, but assume that it is a eyebrow pencil.


How to apply eyeliner



Along the growth line of the upper lashes. The entire length or one-two-thirds, starting in this case, the contour line in the middle of the century, or slightly receding in the direction of the outer corner. For a clear outline, choose a semi-soft pencil. So that the line does not “float”, make a substrate of skin-colored shadows or powder. When drawing the outline, hold the pencil lead perpendicular to the eyelid.


If you decide to make a contour from and to, and the line does not work, break it into arcs, individual strokes or even points. Carefully connecting the preliminary elements, you get the desired result. Most women do not bother with drawing solid lines, leaving a dotted or dashed eyeliner on the upper eyelid and on the lower slightly marked smear or nothing at all.


Feather pencils differ from contour in appearance. They are two-sided. And this eliminates the double interpretation of the question of how to apply eyeliner. The stylus draws a contour, and a sponge or applicator at the second end of the pencil blends it. Thanks to this pencil can be eyeliner, and shadows at the same time.


Unlike other types of eyeliner, the arrow drawn in pencil is whiter than natural and gives the look velvety softness. If you are not limited to one pencil, and to pick up a shadow to it in tone, the look will become even more expressive. The duo of a pencil with iridescent friable shadows is especially beautiful. The framing of a slightly feathered arrow with delicate shades of salmon or apricot shade makes the look shining and fresh.


The most soft pencils make the inner eyeliner. The inner pencil can also be used as a contouring pencil. Only it should be borne in mind that the softness, which allows delicately applying a pencil on the inner eyelid, on the upper eyelid can give a "flow." Inner liner can visually open the eye, if the color of the selected pencil is white, ivory or beige-pink.


Wondering how to apply eyeliner to get a neat inner liner? For this, a translucent line is drawn along the edge of the lower eyelid (pinkish strip over the eyelashes). Special attention in case of light tones of a pencil should be paid to the selection of the inner and outer corners.Then the eye closes, "hop" and we get no imprint on the upper eyelid without hassle. Both lines optionally “sharpen” with a pencil to enhance the effect of the liner. Alternatively, you can do without an upper impression. Good luck.

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