How to arrange a motor ship for a wedding

Every couple who marries wants their wedding day to be perfect and special. That is why many people prefer the standard scenarios of the celebration, a more unusual type of celebration. To turn this holiday into a small and unusual adventure, which would be remembered for a long time both by the newlyweds themselves and those present, you can hold a wedding on the boat. This option is best suited for romantics who love hilarious adventures. For the success of the event, it remains only to come up with an interesting and special scenario of its conduct that will reflect the interests of the newlyweds.

One of the most popular ways of holding this celebration is the maritime theme. If you carefully consider such a wedding decoration, then it will be unusual and very stylish. The preferred color scheme for this option is a combination of blue with white, sand and turquoise with elements of red. In the clothes of the newlyweds, as well as guests may be a strip or the details of blue.In the design of the holiday, you can use the steering wheels, anchors, fishing nets, compasses and lifebuoys. Invitation and seating cards are also better designed in accordance with the marine style, how to do this, you can see at Danilova.

An interesting option for fans of an unusual celebration, a good option would be to hold a wedding on the boat in the pirate style. So the ship can be decorated with chests, barrels, bottles of messages, skulls and other relevant attributes. At the same time, the preferred colors in design are red, black with elements of gold and white.

A wedding on a boat designed in a beach style will look very romantic and delicate. The predominant shades of this version will be pale blue, turquoise, azure and white, in the design it is better to use light air draperies.

An exotic Hawaiian-style wedding will be very bright and original. The deck of the ship can be decorated with threads of flowers, tropical greenery, light fabrics, and everything should be bright and colorful. You can decorate tables with compositions from exotic flowers and fruits.And of course, do not forget about such an attribute as a necklace of flowers. This wedding is definitely all those present will remember for a long time.

Of course, on the boat will be appropriate and the wedding in a classic style, with an elegant design. At the same time, the main rule is that the decoration and all accessories should be in the same style.

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