How to be responsible in everything

First, buy yourself a handy notebook. This may be a telephone, as long as it is convenient for you to quickly write something down there and then quickly find any information. The phone is more convenient because there you can set a sound reminder, and a notebook will do if you better perceive the information written in pen or pencil on paper. Imagine those actions that are recorded in a notebook, so they are better deposited in the head.
Secondly, every morning analyze your day according to a notebook. View all important events, birthdays of friends and relatives, memorable dates. Review again all appointments, correctly set priorities between family and work.
Third, scroll through the heads of the people with whom you met the day before, what you talked to them about, maybe they asked you about something. View all calls on your phone in recent days.
Fourth, get rid of fears, especially in front of everything new.This will help you become a more responsible person. Be honest, do not be afraid of the new. There is a true statement: how honest a person is, so much so responsible.
Fifth, responsibility for everything in your life will allow you to become a more responsible person. Understand for yourself that everything depends on you, and everything is in your hands.
And finally: do not take responsibility as a load of obligations. You can not live in constant pressure, do not dwell on the fact that you are irresponsible. The label that someone from your society gave you should be just a necessary hint to you in the direction of your future life. Self-confidence, self-understanding and prioritization will help you get one step higher in your self-development.

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