How to become a real leader in a team, life and destiny?

Often, people live and do not think about what is in their life, not everything is as sweet as we would like. Moving up the career ladder with great difficulty or at all is stuck, family life is not at all the same as it seemed earlier. Often, even friendships are difficult, and in the company of friends you lose yourself, wondering how to lead yourself in this or that situation.

But some people come up with the time to think, by the way, absolutely correct and explicable, that you need to develop certain qualities in yourself in order to establish contact with people around you. And this is absolutely the right grain, which must be properly nurtured.

In other words, it is necessary to become a leader, a successful and sociable person, followed by more than a dozen people, and of their own accord. How is family, relationships at work and with friends related? There is nothing complicated, just need to think about the concept of "leader".

Who is it? First of all, it is a person who sets goals and, what is important, reaches them. There is no half-leader, no-without goals, and also a leader — just like that.

These are people who know what they want, are able to find an approach to people and to achieve with their help the solution of many questions. So how to become a leader? Believe me, you are not the first to ask yourself this question, and if you are already reading this article, then you are at the first step of solving such a difficult, but, at the same time, very useful task.

Leaders are not born ...

So the first step. How to turn into real authority? Although there is a perception that a leader must be born, this is nonsense. The complex concept of “leader” includes many qualities that must be developed since childhood, but we will return to this later.

But if you are unlucky and you decide to become one just now, then the first step is taken correctly - start reading. First of all, you must understand what it means for you to be an authority and make sure that you want to become one.

Let's return to childhood, in which the basic qualities of the leader should be laid. Yes, parents should help their child to become a strong and charismatic person, after which, afterwards, the people will follow.

The words are loud, but their meaning is simple.If a child expresses a desire to do something on his own, let him be small and defenseless, then it is better to think a few times than to forbid, arguing that the child is too small and inexperienced. This complex will remain with him forever, the child, having already passed into adulthood, will in many respects assume that he is still “small, young, old” for this.

But back to the present. You still firmly decided to become a leader. But the leader of what? Some kind of social movement or singing group? This is, of course, a joke, we will repeat, and you remember, an authoritative person should have a goal. You cannot become a leader for the sake of leadership, you must understand that this is only a tool that helps to achieve the main goal.

It is necessary to understand that it is impossible to become the leader of a whole life; usually people better show their abilities in a certain sphere. For example, you can be such at work or in a team, but not at all to carry the flag of primacy in family relationships. But is there a limit for a confident person? Developing your talents and skills will allow you to expand your influence.


So, you set a goal and firmly believe that you want to go to it.But what to do next? How to become a real leader who can inspire and control people, doing it as if it should be?

First of all you need to understand your personal qualities. To do this, ask your relatives and relatives to help you with this. Let them write on a sheet of paper what qualities you lack before becoming a leader, and in the opposite column write the qualities that will help you come to this goal.

This is an excellent exercise that allows you to identify your weak features that you definitely need to develop. In addition, the exercise helps to raise self-esteem with the help of those qualities that, according to your relatives, are developed at a good level.

The next step is to get a success diary.

It only seems that there is nothing complicated in this. Every day it will have to record your small victories and good luck, which help you become a leader in the team and at work. These records will be those small victories that will help grow your self-esteem, and also make it clear that you are not sitting in place, but growing up. To do this, constantly raise the bar for your goals, and with them, victories.

The next step is to get an idol. In fact, this is also a kind of leader, because people follow this person, they listen to him, and his opinion is appreciated. Communicate as much as possible with such people, learn their "tricks" and principles of life, they can help you well. You might even be surprised how often such people like to “teach” the mind of those who ask for it, easily revealing all their secret cards.

Do not forget to learn what you are told; it is quite possible that you will receive specific advice specifically for your situation.

Books and auto-training are good, but in all such sources there is general information that is appropriate for any general, but not specific, situation.

By the way, leaders, too, are different, for example, formal (leader “by default”, which is supported by a leading post) and informal, that is, those that people choose.

So you need to strive for the second, this applies, for example, to work, where it is quite realistic to grow out of an informal leader who is supported by people into a real, leading one. All this is possible, the main thing is to enlist the support of people, that is, your team.

The next step is understanding.You will have to understand that in order to become a leader in the company of friends or in the work collective, you must believe in yourself and in your victory. Otherwise it is impossible, if you do not believe in yourself, then no one will believe.

By the way, another feature of real leaders is that they are not afraid to make mistakes.

After all, in essence, a leader is that person who can find a solution in a situation from which, as it may seem, there is no way out. And often this decision is not his personal, but taken from the environment, which is simply afraid to bring it to life. And the leader is not.

Therefore, one more rule follows smoothly, the leader not only knows how to speak beautifully, but also knows how to listen carefully, and most importantly to hear what they say around him.

The last rule is to join the experience of others. Now that you have a lot of your own experience, you can compare it with someone else’s, learning from it. Studying the materials and the craft of leadership, you will understand where else you can apply your acquired knowledge.

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