How to behave at the interview?

The interview is an important stage in obtaining a vacancy. How the job interview will take place often determines whether a person gets a job or not. Sometimes, all other things being equal, the behavior during an interview with a personnel specialist plays a crucial role in employment. The fact that we have already spoken at the interview in the article “What to say at the interview?” Will be discussed today about how to behave at the interview. Here are the basic rules for successfully qualifying for a job.

So, you have the first interview. How to behave? In no case be late. After all, from the first minutes of the interview with the personnel manager, an impression of you. The first impression is always difficult to change. Experts recommend coming to the site earlier for 10-15 minutes. During this time, you will have time to mentally prepare yourself, look around the office, clean your clothes, if necessary. In case you are late, there is no need to explain the reason. It is only necessary to apologize concisely.

When you are invited to the office, you need to wait until you are asked to sit down. If the pause is delayed for any reason, you can sit on a chair or chair yourself, preferably in front of a staff specialist. If the distance between you is not settled in advance, it is not very close to be located, but not far. It should be remembered about the business distance of communication, which is slightly more than 100 cm.

In addition, you must remember how to behave at the interview in relation to postures and gestures. Should sit down confidently. Your posture should not be too constrained and not too cheeky. You can not use "closed" gestures - crossed arms, legs. It is also undesirable to sit on the edge of a chair - this can give out your self-doubt. Naturally, you can not swing in a chair.

You need to keep confident, with dignity. It is important to understand that if you are invited for an interview, then you are interesting to the employer as a potential employee. When you can not calm down - your hands can give your feelings. Therefore, you should remove them under the table, so that there is no temptation to pull a button or rub your nose.

It must also be remembered that one should be free and free.At the interview you are not expected to have demonstrations. For an employer, it is important to understand what kind of person you are in life. Therefore, we must behave naturally. Sometimes during the interview various stress methods are used in which you will look completely ridiculous under the mask of your new role.

Do not forget the smile. She should be not stretched, but sincere, and, of course, to the point. Friendliness and friendliness - an important criterion for behavior at the interview.

It should be said separately about how to behave properly at the interview, answering the questions of the personnel specialist.

  • The first thing that needs to be remembered is that the manager is mainly not interested in what you say, but how you do it. Therefore, you should clearly express your thoughts. Needless to say no.
  • It is important to pause. This will allow the interviewer to ask a clarifying question, and you - to think about the next sentence.
  • Speech should be polite, but not cloying. Do not constantly apologize and ask the other person.
  • Eye contact is an important condition for constructive dialogue. Constantly look into the eyes is not worth it, you must periodically switch to other objects or the landscape outside the window. It should not be abused, eye contact should emphasize the importance of your interlocutor.

At the end of the dialogue do not forget to clarify with the manager all the points that interest you. It is also worth knowing how you can find out the results of the interview. Be sure to say goodbye. Leave must be confident and clear step. Remember that the latter opinion, as well as the first impression, are significant in the perception of other people.

These recommendations will be valuable for those who do not know how to behave at the first interview. With experience, you will begin to understand what you need to do in order to appeal to your employer. Any errors you may make for the first time will be valuable information for correcting behavior.

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