How to brew flower tea?

Tea is a drink that is appreciated in many countries. Sometimes tea drinking turns into a whole ceremony, in which the role is played not only by the quality of the original product, but also by the method of brewing it. That is why it is very important to brew flower tea correctly - in skillful hands it will become a work of art, combining the richness of the aroma with an amazing taste that will carry the special charm of flowers.

Correctly brewed tea will help create the right mood, can calm and give new strength. How to brew such a drink will be described in the article below.

Criteria for selection and main characteristics

Flowers - a beautiful natural creation that pleases the eye and attracts with its fragrance. Besides beauty, invaluable health benefits are valued in colors. Useful properties of flower tea depend on what components are present in it.

Each kind of this valuable drink is unique in its own way, but their excellent taste characteristics can not be denied.Fine, delicate taste is not the only advantage. These varieties are good for health, tone up or, conversely, relax, help strengthen the immune system, protect against vascular and heart diseases, help improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and suppress inflammatory processes.

Of course, there is not a single tea leaf in flower tea, but this does not make its properties different from the classic tea products. To date, people around the world appreciate several special varieties that have excellent taste characteristics. Among them are chamomile, lime, jasmine, as well as an infusion of chrysanthemum flowers or elderberry, lavender, pink, etc. Sometimes the term “flower tea” refers to an aromatic blend of green or black, in which flowers play the role of an additive. The greatest experience in the preparation of such tea compositions is present in the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom.

The composition of such teas may be different, but the choice is still based on some criteria that will help to buy a good quality product:

  1. The uniformity of the raw materials present. If the task is not to acquire a mixture of varieties, it is recommended to pay attention to the amount of dried flowers: ideally they should be about the same size.If there is dust or too small components in dry brewing, it is better to refuse such a purchase.
  2. Lack of extraneous impregnations. Such inclusions can be not only sprigs of plants, but also pieces of wood, paper or foil. This product also should not be purchased.
  3. The degree of dryness of welding. Qualitatively prepared raw materials should have a moisture content of 3-6%. If the moisture level is higher, the quality of the product is noticeably reduced. In addition, when the humidity is more than 18-20%, the welding starts to mold and becomes undesirable and dangerous for health characteristics. If in the composition there is too dry tea, then it becomes brittle and quickly turns into dust.
  4. Smell. The selected product should have a pleasant floral scent corresponding to the name on the package. In addition, high-quality raw materials are always securely packed. If odors are present, such as burning, metal, fish, perfume or anything else, do not buy such tea leaves.
  5. Freshness. This is one of the most important qualities of any tea product (excluding Pu-erh). The buds or petals collected for the drink should not be stored for more than a year, in addition, the closer the final storage period, the fewer useful properties remain.It should be separately said about the brewing, packaged in polyethylene bags: this package deprives the raw material of taste and smell very quickly, therefore in this case the shelf life reaches only half a year.

By selecting the desired product, you can begin to brew it.

Features of the preparation of the drink

A cup of a fragrant hot flower drink will help to approach nature, relax and gain new strength. Brewing it is quite simple: for this you need water, a teapot and the right amount of buds or petals of the chosen colors.

To begin with, you need to thoroughly rinse the teapot with boiling water, and then immediately place in it the right amount of tea leaves. The amount usually depends on taste preferences and is determined "by eye" or by experiment.

This is usually one rubbish per person and one more per teapot. The mixture is carefully poured into it with boiling water, but not steep, but "white" - when the water starts to boil.

For brewing, you can choose only one kind of flowers or create a unique aromatic mixture that will give an unforgettable aroma.In addition, the finished flower drink can be supplemented with fruits or berries, spices or honey - it all depends on taste preferences.

After the kettle is closed with a lid. It is necessary to let the mixture stand for 5-7 minutes. After that, it can be poured into cups. If you need to get a stronger drink, the time for infusion can be increased to 15-25 minutes.

As you can see, it is not so difficult to prepare flower tea - just pick the right raw material and brew it correctly. After a few minutes you can enjoy the result, tasting the amazing aroma of summer and warmth.

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