How to build strong relationships - life hacking for girls

Familiar does not work, all his time is engaged in endless repairs and redevelopments of a huge three-story house. They have a child, with whom she often rolls off to rest, five times a year, and her husband works from dawn to dawn for the benefit of the family. And although her beloved has not the most pleasant character, they live in perfect harmony. It was by the example of my friend that I understood how to build a strong relationship, where the spouses understand each other perfectly. You just need to be wiser and understand the world of men.

In fact, everything is simple, learn:

Don't be so serious

When meeting men do not think at all about building a serious relationship. They want pleasant communication, ease and fun. Therefore, do not immediately encroach on his personal freedom and do not demand a ring and a wedding. Invasion of personal space will always be perceived negatively. It is necessary to enter male territory gradually, step by step, so as not to frighten off your Romeo and achieve the desired!

Be lenient

We are all wrong, but men will never admit their mistakes, especially if you tell him “and I said, said” in a disgusting, screeching voice. He will find a thousand guilty and a million reasons, but does not admit his guilt. And this is not bad! Simply, it is very important for him to remain in the eyes of his woman the nicest and smartest. So why don't you relax and look at the situation from his side? Do not let go of biting at his address, do not make a scandal and do not spoil his superman image.

How to build strong relationships - life hacking for girls

Do not make hints, speak straight

Men often do not understand our hints and veiled requests. For example: “And Lyudka has such a cool new car!” You say with the hope that he will understand you and tomorrow a new red Ferrari will stand at the door. I do not understand, men need simplicity and brevity: “I want a new car, and preferably this one” ... It’s literally to point with a finger, and there will be no offense. You will be immediately told whether you have rolled your lips too much, or will let you know that your desire will soon be fulfilled.

Do not skimp on compliments

Do you think that only we girls need compliments like air? No, our second half needs them much more.They simply crave our admiration, and the more of it, the better. After all, their world is based on rivalry, they like to show off their achievements to each other. And if your praise sounds more than once, and even in the company of strangers, he will turn mountains for you! That is why I always have round eyes when I come to my friend's house, and she starts telling me how gold Zhenya is. It always seems to me that she is not telling me about her puzatky, short, husband, but about a superwoman from a female romance.

Meet his friends

Do not limit the communication of your man with friends. He just needs his space and contacts with co-religionists, so to speak. Better make friends with them, and you no longer have to worry where he is and with whom.

How to build strong relationships - life hacking for girls

And finally: let the ill man become the center of the universe

His "deathbed" state should not be criticized and ridiculed, better make a serious face and play up to the chosen one. Believe me, he will quickly go on the mend, and you will recommend yourself as the most caring and loving woman in the world.

Easy, right? And if you consider how many advantages this knowledge of the male world and male psychology reveal to us, then it seems to me that these life hacks can be taught in school. After all, whatever one may say, we are very different, and sometimes it is difficult to bring the relationship to the march of Mendelssohn. And building a strong family after that is even more difficult.

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