How to calculate the duration of pregnancy?

Angelina Ivanova
Angelina Ivanova
May 30, 2011
How to calculate the duration of pregnancy?

Any woman wants to accurately and correctly calculate the duration of pregnancy. Firstly, it is interesting. Secondly, it is logical, because the more accurately you can determine the duration of pregnancy, the more accurately you can predict the date of birth. And in order to calculate the time for a woman to go on maternity leave, you also need to know how to correctly calculate the duration of pregnancy.

Calculate the duration of pregnancy: ways

Consider several ways to determine the duration of pregnancy.

By last monthly date

There is a certain Negele formula, according to which the duration of pregnancy is calculated by ordinary people. By the way, the date of childbirth is more often so calculated, and, accordingly, the duration of pregnancy is also recognized. You need to remember the first day of the last menstruation. Then subtract 3 months from him and add seven days. So you get the date of birth, and in accordance with the received date you can calculate the duration of pregnancy.

By ovulation and date of conception

On the day of ovulation, a woman's mature egg goes into the fallopian tube. The egg cell has its viability of up to two days. It is these days that the probability of becoming pregnant during unprotected intercourse is the highest. In order to calculate the gestation period most accurately and correctly, it is necessary to count it exactly from the day of ovulation. Determining when you had ovulation is not so difficult, it occurs somewhere in the middle of a woman's menstrual cycle. Suppose your cycle is 30 days, then ovulation will occur on the 15th day of the cycle.

Also, pharmacies sell special tests that determine the date of ovulation. The accuracy of the test is very high (99%). But they do such tests before conceiving a child in order to determine the most favorable time for conception.

Another method for determining the date of ovulation, and hence the duration of pregnancy, is to measure the temperature in the rectum. Before ovulation (at the beginning of the cycle), temperature will be the same - below 37 °. The day before ovulation will drop slightly. On the day of ovulation itself and the following days the temperature will be 37 ° - 37.2 °.

Determination of pregnancy by a gynecologist

How to calculate the duration of pregnancy? Go to the gynecologist.The doctor will determine the duration of pregnancy by the size of the uterus. It is said that in the fourth week of pregnancy, the size of the uterus corresponds to the size of a chicken egg, and on the eighth week - the size of a goose egg. An experienced gynecologist can easily determine the size of the uterus in a newly pregnant woman and relate this to the gestational age.

Term of pregnancy and the first stirring

To find out if you have correctly determined the duration of your pregnancy, you can check this by the first movement. It is known that in a primipara woman, the first movements of a child can begin at twenty weeks of gestation. And if you have it is not the first pregnancy, then most likely you will feel these movements in 18 weeks.

Enjoy the new sensations and think about your baby! Good luck!

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