How to calculate the salary of salary

How to calculate the salary for the salary.

How correctly to calculate the salary on a salary by means of the formula.

How to calculate the salary for the salary.



Nowadays, many employers make a little trick to make wage payments to workers much less transparent: they indicate in the labor contract the amount of salary instead of the salary that the employee receives in his hands. For this reason, many workers are confused and cannot understand why the contract is worth the same amount, but it comes to their hands completely different.


First of all, it is worth understanding what the salary and wages are before calculating the salary according to the salary. Salary is the amount calculated by the employer from accounting for the number of working days, working hours, employee efficiencies, processing, “harmfulness” of production, bonuses, income taxes, transfers to pension funds and other factors that take place in many public institutions and private firms.Salary is a fixed amount, from which 13% of income tax is deducted and to which are added various bonuses, allowances and interest with overtime. These two things are very important to be able to distinguish - a salary of 10,000 and a salary of 10,000 at the output will take on a completely different look. Now we will understand in more detail how to calculate the salary for a salary using a simple formula.


What do you need to calculate the salary?



The first and most important step: add to it a variety of interest on payments of bonuses, overtime, preferential means, compensation for harm (if any) and deduct the usual income tax (13% of the principal amount of salary). The resulting amount is divided by the number of working days and multiplied by the number of spent (in case you took sick leave or day off at your own expense, the salary received will be less). At the exit you get your wages. Everything is quite simple.


For example, nuclear physicist Ivan Petrov receives a 20,000 salary at a nuclear power plant. They give him 50% of the increase for the harmfulness of production processes, 25% for the length of service, 25% for processing, for his zeal the head gives him the efficiency for the month 1.5.Calculate the salary for a salary: 20.000 + 10.000 (hazard) + 5.000 (experience) + 5.000 (overtime) + 10.000 (COP) - 2.600 (NDFL) = 47.400 rubles. As a result, an honest hardworking worker, Ivan Petrov, increases his wages by more than twice the salary and knows exactly what, why and how he gets his earned money. Now you can also calculate the salary according to your salary - at the same time you can always understand if an employer will pay you a salary not under an employment contract, and you will have an excellent opportunity to restore justice. In general, such small nuances are very important for a modern person.

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