How to calculate water consumption?

Now is the time when we, the consumers of natural resources, need to strictly regulate the consumption of cubic meters of water, kilowatts of electricity or natural gas. And the point is not that the prices for water and other services are becoming more expensive every year, the fact is that we must use resources rationally and thus contribute to the maintenance of ecology in our region. But how to calculate the water flow? That is what we will tell you in our article.

Calculation of hot water consumption

If you live in an apartment building, then, most likely, you have a separate hot and cold water. But it is also possible that in your house there is no communication with hot water, and then you use a gas column.

Naturally, using a gas column correctly can save on hot water. If you do not have your own meter for gas in the apartment, you will have to pay a fixed rate, with the calculation of certain cubic meters of gas consumed for each member of your family.

The formula for calculating water consumption

Any hostess should be able to calculate consumption rates so that utility payments are commensurate with the family budget. It will be more economical to install your own water meter in your house or apartment.

The last tariff for cold water was as follows: about twelve rubles per meter in a cube, and hot water, almost sixty rubles per meter in a cube. So, you know, hot water is becoming a luxury every year.

If you take the calculations, then the usual meter permits four liters per minute. So, the formula goes: 4 multiply by 60 and get the calculation of consumption per hour, then multiply the amount by the accepted tariff and get how much you spend per hour or day of water.

Of course, it is necessary to take into account the pressure of water. If the pressure is less, then the throughput of the meter is less. Several formulas for calculating water are presented on.

Calculation of general house water costs

When you have a common counter on the whole high-rise building, then you naturally pay by the general calculation. It should be borne in mind that tenants who have personal meters do not pay at a common rate, so running cubic meters are scattered on all tenants.

Also, you pay for all leaks, irrigation of adjacent areas and the like. But the rate of consumption per person per month is approximately eleven cubic meters, and if a payment is sent to you is much more than this figure, then you should think, perhaps with a meter, real problems and it is faulty.

Water consumption is considered to be at the general rate. Note that in different regions of their tariffs for water. But everywhere a resident of a multi-storey building has to pay for the consumption of hot and cold water plus for this, for the drains of all this water.

Now I understand why the Germans are so economical. Although this nation is very rich, ordinary people save water so much that they rinse dishes not like we do with “seven buckets”, but in one or two containers, and always use the water already used in the kitchen or bathroom for the garden.

I hope that you, dear readers, have figured out how to calculate the flow of cold water using the above formula. And already, in the future, it will now be more rational to use water resources.

Calculation of water consumption for fire fighting and irrigation

So it is established that in the year on watering our "green friends",which pleasantly pleases our eyes, we have to spend about fifty to ninety liters for an ordinary citizen, then multiply this amount by the number of inhabitants of your settlement. If you think about how nature refreshes us in the summer in the heat, oh, this is a very small price for citizens for the parks and squares of their city.

If, God forbid, there was a fire, then usually the fire is extinguished for no more than three hours, and about thirty five liters per second is spent on such extinguishing. Of course, if the fire is very large, then we use much more water. More accurate calculations for.

We hope that you have already understood the calculation of general household water costs, how it is more profitable to consume water and how much water you need to extinguish a fire. We wish you economical use of natural resources and do not overpay utilities for unused services.

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