How to care for a beard and a mustache

The results of an extensive study clearly showed that men with well-groomed facial hair, in the opinion of women, look more sexy, attractive and courageous than men who shave regularly. Therefore, they are interested in how to care for a beard and mustache at home.

Guys who want to grow a beard and mustache, you need to know that only with the right approach will succeed in achieving the desired result. If done correctly, vegetation emphasizes the dignity of the face and hides the flaws.

Usually, a man grows hair on his face in order to attract the attention of a young lady, emphasize individuality, stand out from the crowd or make the image brutal. But many guys who decide to take such a step make a huge mistake. It's about the wrong choice of beard and mustache. As a result, instead of a courageous look over the bearded man, the girls laugh and mock. Therefore, I advise you to approach the solution of the question carefully, guided by the opinion of relatives.

Even if the choice is made correctly, the vegetation needs proper care to achieve the goal.Agree, none of the women will like a man who has hair on his face in a place where it should not be. And the hairs sticking out in different directions do not cause delight.

The secret of the success of bearded men is the right choice and care for the vegetation using folk remedies or purchased cosmetics. I will tell about it in article.

Bearing care - professional advice

An example of a fashionable beard and mustache

Proper care for the vegetation on the face - the primary goal of all self-respecting bearded. This is a time consuming and time consuming process, but the result is worth it. Well-groomed beard adds charm, emphasizes style, indicates the masculinity of a young man.

Professionals recommend beginners to grow their beards properly. When the length of vegetation on the face reaches 5 centimeters, go to the hairdresser. He will help in the choice of the form and hairstyle of the beard and mustache, shave off excess hair and turn the “fallen tow” into a work of art. It will only be necessary to provide this natural decoration with proper care. The following tips will help.

  • Buy a trimmer. It will help in keeping the beard and mustache in perfect shape.If you have not had to work with this device before, start with a nozzle that leaves the longest hairs. Other tips will come in handy after gaining experience.
  • Proper care of vegetation involves the use of a comb with wide and rare teeth. Daily after sleep, beard beard. As a result, she "remembers" the form.
  • Medium and long vegetation trimmed with sharp scissors with a whip. This will give the beard a contour. If the hairs are not trimmed in time, the ornament will become untidy.
  • If the beard is itchy, use specialized oils. For this purpose are not suitable funds, which include alcohol. They increase unpleasant sensations and additionally dry the skin.
  • Pay special attention to mustaches. As they grow unevenly, trim with scissors. If you do not want to make the image comical, do not cut the upper part of the mustache. To make the whiskers look immaculate, always use wax.
  • Wash facial hair at the same time as face. Every three days, arrange a beard bath day. To make it docile, smooth and soft, buy a special shampoo.
  • Ordinary soap is not suitable for washing beards and mustaches. It makes the hairs stiff, which complicates styling. Craft soap is better suited for this purpose.
  • To eliminate unwanted odor treat beard with aromatic oil. It will hide the smell of cigarette smoke and the smell of eaten herring with onions, invigorate and cheer up.
  • Dry your beard with a towel. At the end of the water treatment, dry the vegetation with a towel. Use a dryer for drying is not recommended, because it overdries the hair and promotes the appearance of dandruff.

Video Tips

Following the advice of professionals, make your beard beautiful and well-groomed. And as a token of gratitude, she will make sure that you always look irresistible. By the way, if after a bath you need to go out to the frost, for rapid drying of your beard in a few cases it is recommended to use a hairdryer. Overcooling will cause more damage to wet hair than hot air.

Folk remedies for the care of a beard

Photo of hipster in glasses

The image of a man with a beard and mustache is incredibly popular among women. Well-groomed vegetation on the face makes the image of a young man courageous and helps with visual correction of the face oval.

This trend will continue for more than one year.Representatives of the cosmetics industry know this, as a result of which a variety of products for the care of this natural men's adornment regularly appear on the market.

To beard always looked irresistible, it is not necessary to spend money on the purchase of factory cosmetics. There are folk remedies that help in the care of a beard is no worse.

  1. Burdock oil. Many men face the problem, the essence of which is reduced to rare facial hair. Burdock oil will help to improve the quality of the beard and make it thicker. With regular use, applying to the bristles, you will see the result in a month.
  2. Homemade shampoo. A beard, like hair on its head, needs to be washed daily. Instead of the purchased product, it is recommended to use homemade shampoo. For its preparation, mix equal quantities of hop cones, burdock root, birch leaves and calendula flowers, pour 50 ml of hot beer and wait a bit. Then strain and use instead of shampoo.
  3. Beet water. If dandruff appeared on the beard, beet water will help solve the problem.Take a three-liter jar, pour half a liter of water and put the peeled and chopped beets. When the composition is infused, use a beard instead of water for washing. Before use, dilute the infusion with warm water.
  4. Olive Mask. Men with sensitive skin are recommended to use a mask that provides a gentle cleansing effect. The best solution is the composition based on olive oil and mustard powder. Mix components in the ratio of 1 to 2 and apply on the beard for 20 minutes.
  5. Mustard mask. A nourishing mask is suitable for strengthening the hair roots. To prepare it in the usual shampoo, add a little mustard powder. The resulting composition, treat the beard, after 30 minutes, rinse and rinse with warm water.
  6. Massage. After washing and water procedures do massage. Do circular movements with your fingers, gently massage your face. This will improve blood circulation in the beard area and will have a positive effect on hair growth.
  7. Aromatherapy. Bearded smokers will not interfere with beard aromatherapy. After washing at the base of the vegetation on the face, apply a little essential oil and spread the comb over the surface of the hairs. For this purpose, the essential oil of chamomile, rose, marigold, rosemary or lavender.

The results of numerous studies have shown that nutrition has a huge impact on the condition of facial hair. Therefore, try to eat right, including in the diet as much as possible saturated with vitamins and useful trace elements products.

Purchased beard care products

Sold a lot of noteworthy cosmetics. Consider the purchase of beard care products by category, focusing on proper use. This will help in caring for the beard and protect you from trouble.

  • . This purchase means perfectly copes with the task of pacifying unruly hair. Another wax is good in terms of styling. It is used for mustache and beard. Remember, with the wrong actions means glues hair and provides not quite a pleasant effect. Therefore, it is more suitable for experienced bearded men.
  • Butter. Purchased product is a mixture of oils mixed with a vitamin complex and natural fragrance. Oil helps to strengthen the hair follicles. In the arsenal of a beginner bearded, this remedy must be present, because during the period of development of the bristles into a short beard, accompanied by unpleasant sensations, it softens and soothes the skin.
  • . Ordinary soap is not suitable for the care of the beard, as it dries the skin and makes the hairs hard. Use a special or homemade soap. It contains components that cleanse the skin, nourish and protect hairs. After using the product, the treatment of the skin with a moisturizer is welcomed.
  • Shampoo. Growing hair on a beard is different from the hair on the head structure. They are tougher and less obedient, and regular shampoo only cleans, but does not soften. Therefore, care for a beard at home involves the use of a special shampoo. Due to its special composition, it positively affects the condition of the beard, makes it soft and docile, and protects against the appearance of dandruff. In contrast to the usual means for the head, a special shampoo is suitable for daily use.

Summing up, I will say that in the arsenal of anyone who is serious about beard care, there must be a few mandatory things. We are talking about oil, soap, shampoo and balm. These tools, combined with the advice of professionals, will make the beard chic, and it will thank the host with an unrivaled look and stunning effect.

Professional care for a mustache at home

Stylish man with a beard and mustache

Well-groomed mustache - a symbol of male individuality. They help to change the style and bring a zest to the image. But to care for the mustache at home is not easy. If shaving takes a lot of time, caring for vegetation requires time-consuming, enhanced efforts.

Among men, two kinds of mustaches are popular.

  1. Adjoining mustache. Characterized by a small length of the vegetation adjacent to the skin. This option is a mustache most popular among men, because it requires less effort when leaving. For shaping, a trimmer is used, and the length is corrected with scissors.
  2. Independent mustache. This is a long vegetation of model form. Such mustaches are released by men who are not afraid of bold experiments with appearance and are confident in the ability to provide vegetation with proper care.

Professionals recommend beginners to start with growing adjacent mustaches. After acquiring the necessary skills and successfully completing the experiments with the first option, you can switch to independent whiskers. Now about leaving.

  • Brush your mustache regularly. This simple technique helps to identify individual, incorrectly sticking hairs. Use a trimmer or scissors to correct the mustache contour.
  • Trim the trim.. First, trim the mustache from the middle, then adjust the length of the right angles. For a final shape, treat the line at the bottom of the whiskers with a razor blade.
  • To fix the shape of the tips, use wax. Heat the product in your hand, apply a drop on the lower part of the whiskers and give it a shape. With the joint efforts of the thumb and middle finger, twist the tips in the right direction.

In the end, I will share a little cunning. If there is no wax for fixing hair at home, replace the purchased cosmetics with soap or honey. These tools cope with the task of laying and fixing not worse. Only in rainy weather it is better not to use them.

To give the mustache a chic look, you need practice paired with patience. In the future, the care procedure will become habitual, as a result of which care will become less time consuming and costly.

Caring for a beard and mustache is not an easy task, but modern men find it easier to care for facial hair than bearded men from previous eras, because over the years many techniques, techniques and procedures have been developed to help achieve the best result.

It is possible that at the initial stage there will be difficulties with the choice of devices and products for the care of a beard with a mustache. Over time, you will hone your skills and begin a cloudless, “bearded” life.
I hope this guide will be a reliable help in achieving the goal. Do not forget to appreciate the result of my work, because the reader's feedback is an incentive for the development of the project. Good luck!

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