How to care for solanum?

Solanum paledocapsicum is a small green plant with bright orange fruits belonging to the family of nightshade. Often it is called solyanum or salanum. With proper care, this flower is covered with lush green foliage, and in summer it is decorated with small berries. Unfortunately, the berries are poisonous, and therefore it is not recommended to grow it in a house where there is a small child. Otherwise, lovers of home landscaping Solanum pleases not only for its beauty, but also for its unpretentiousness. True, in the care of solanum there are some subtleties, more about which we will talk later.

We create favorable conditions for solanum

This flower is very unpretentious neither to pots nor to the soil. If we talk about aesthetics, then the best solution for landing will be small plastic or ceramic pots of bright colors with a hole for drainage.

Solanum loves light very much. The ideal lighting option for this flower is diffuse light.Try not to put solanum in direct sunlight, since its leaves will turn yellow. A suitable place for the pot will be windows from the east and west. In the summer, the flower is better to put on the street in a shaded place.

This plant does not like excessive moisture and drafts, in such conditions it begins to wither rapidly. It is necessary to water solanum no more than once every two or three days. Make sure that the soil is not supersaturated with moisture, because it can lead to decay. In contrast to the “gentle” roots, the leaves of the plant are recommended to be sprayed daily with a spray bottle, then their shade will become rich green, and in summer the flower will delight with its abundance of berries.

In February-March, when all the fruits are fully ripe, and the leaves begin to acquire a yellowish tint, it's time to cut the flower. It is recommended to shorten solanum by no more than one third of the length of the aerial part. Yellowed leaves should be removed.

In mid-spring, the plant needs fertilizer. In this case, liquid feedings are well suited for annual flowering plants, for example, tomatoes. To fertilize the soil in 200 ml of water, add a quarter of the glass (about 40-50 ml) of the liquid for top dressing.It is necessary to fertilize the soil once a week, do not forget to properly loosen the ground before this.

Difficulties in growing solanum in room conditions

  • Often, growers are beginning to be surprised by the small number of berries or even their absence. This is due to the fact that the flower needs pollination, which is so lacking in a closed space. But the plant can be helped: during the flowering period, transfer the pollen from one flower to another with a soft brush.
  • If you see a rapid shedding of ripe fruit, this is a clear sign of excessive air dryness. In this case, simply move the flower to a cooler place and more often moisten it with a spray bottle.
  • Sometimes solanum can infect a spider mite. You can remove this parasite with a soap solution, which must be sprayed with a flower. Additionally, use a special remedy for ticks, and cut off the affected leaves.

As you can see, in the care of Solanum has its own subtleties, but in general, nothing complicated. Care and compliance with our recommendations - a pledge that the plant will delight you with its beauty for many years.

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