How to care for the genitals?

Everyone should know how to properly perform the hygiene of the genital organs, since the appearance of certain diseases depends on it. Consider this question in more detail.

Care of female genitals

Care of the external genital organs is very demanding. Since the mucous membrane is very sensitive and tender, it is not able to provide maximum protection against all sorts of bacteria. Therefore, every woman should especially carefully maintain cleanliness in intimate places and know how to do it properly. It is recommended to wash yourself with cleanly washed hands and only with warm water. It is necessary to carry out at least two movements directed from the pubis to the back opening. When washing the water jet should be directed from front to back. This will help prevent infection in the vagina from the anus. It should be noted that when using toilet paper, its movements should be directed in the same way.You need to pay special attention and towels for intimate places. It should be soft and always clean. Scouring pads or cups are absolutely not necessary for the care of the genitals, as they can cause microscopic scratches on sensitive skin. After washing the moisture should be gently blotted with a towel. You need to pay attention to the fact that soap can only be used to wash the skin near the entrance to the vagina. Gaskets need to be changed at least five times a day, and tampons every two to four hours. It should be remembered that you should not swim in the pool, ponds and even take a bath during critical days. It is also recommended to avoid sexual contact during menstruation, which during this period of time can cause the appearance of inflammatory processes of the appendages and uterus. It is advisable to abandon too tight, tight pants and synthetic panties. All this prevents air circulation and prevents the skin to breathe freely, which creates a favorable environment for the reproduction of harmful bacteria. It is best to use cotton underwear. And how to care for the genitals in case of hypersensitivity to soap? In this case, it is recommended to use special daily hygiene products,such as intimate gels with herbal extracts that reduce inflammation. They do not cause irritation of sensitive skin and dryness.

Male Genital Care

Throughout a lifetime, keeping genital purity should be the norm of behavior. And in old age, in addition to hygiene, a mandatory visit to a urologist is necessary, at least twice a year. So, how should care for the male genital organs. Initially, it should be noted that you should wear loose underwear made of cotton. This prevents the appearance of irritation and the development of harmful bacteria. After a bowel movement, the area of ​​the perineum and anus should be cleaned with soft toilet paper, so as not to injure the delicate tissues of the anus. Before washing the genitals, you need to wash your hands thoroughly. Then use non-flavored soap and warm water to wash away the greasy discharge. First, you need to wash the penis and groin area, then you need to delay the foreskin and rinse the head. Especially carefully you need to wash the whisk and bridle of the head. After this, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse the entire genital area with cool water.It is especially important to pay attention to testicular hygiene. If you have to sit a lot during the day, you should take regular breaks during which you need to get up and walk. This is necessary in order to force the blood to circulate, as well as to avoid overheating of the testicles, since their temperature must always be 4 degrees below body temperature. It is also recommended to rinse the scrotum daily with cold water.

Care of the genitals of girls

The girls' genitals need careful hygiene from the very first days of life. Therefore, each parent needs to know how to properly implement this care. First, you should pay attention to the fact that it is not recommended to bathe a newborn in a bath or basin, since germs from dirty water can easily get into the genitals. It is also necessary to wash the skin exclusively from the front to the back. After bathing, the area of ​​the genital slit should be dried with a soft sterile cloth, then the labia, inguinal folds and skin. Only after that it will be possible to dry a crotch. The subsequent care of the genital organs of the newborn consists in removing the irritation or preventing its appearance. To do this, it is necessary to powder the skin of your baby with a thin layer of talcum powder.Instead of talcum, you can wipe the skin with a thin layer of sterile vegetable oil. If, when examining the skin folds, gluing of the labia, which were covered with a secret, was found, it is necessary to carefully separate them, rub with a cotton swab dipped in warm boiled water, and then dry the skin.

Care for boys' genitals

It is much easier for a boy to carry out hygienic procedures than for a girl. In this case, parents should pay attention to the so-called physiological phimosis, when the head of the penis is not completely removed beyond the limits of the foreskin. Thus, the care of the boy's genitals consists in the treatment of the foreskin and urethra. Carry out the procedure as follows. First of all, it should be noted that there is no need to use antiseptics, perfumery products, as well as flushing with a water jet under strong pressure. Enough ordinary baby soap. So, after bathing the baby, you need to slightly delay the skin of the foreskin, and then drop a small drop of vaseline oil on the head of the penis.

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