How to care for the oral cavity after teeth removal

If the tooth was, then you should follow certain rules of oral care. So you can remove the swelling, and the discomfort will be much faster. In addition, care must be taken when chewing, so as not to damage the wound.

First few hours after tooth extraction

After removal of the tooth should not jump up from the chair, as in a fresh wound may increase bleeding, and this is undesirable. Also in the first few hours after the operation, do not remove the swab from the mouth. Of course, it will seem that he is soaked in blood, but it is thanks to him that the bleeding stops, although at first glance this is not visible. In addition, on the first day you should not rinse your mouth, it is better to leave the wound alone. You will need to wait for re-admission and consult with your doctor. Self-activity can lead to complications that will not be easy to fix.For example, suppurations may appear, then it will be necessary to open the wound and clean its contents. This procedure will delay the recovery process for a long time.

Precautionary measures

In the first few days after tooth extraction, it is recommended to stop brushing your teeth, as you can injure a wound and bleeding will resume. You can also infect it, causing suppuration to begin. If you want to brush your teeth, you should do it as carefully as possible, without affecting the wells. In addition, you should refrain from eating too hot and cold food. It should be warm, you should not consume carrots, cabbage, nuts and other solid foods.


As soon as it takes several days after the operation, it will be possible to rinse the oral cavity with saline. It should not be highly concentrated. It also follows that after dissolving the salt in water, strain it through gauze. Such a measure allows to hold crystals in it, which will “eat away” the wound more than heal.
On the seventh day, you should see how the hole is tightened. If it forms a white bloom with a yellowish tinge, and when pressing on it there are viscous cloudy secretions, then it is recommended to rinse with a weak solution of any antiseptic.Suitable solution chlorophyllipta. You will need to take 100 ml of water and add 10 drops of the product to it. In addition, you can use the aqueous solution furatsilina.

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