How to celebrate February 14, if you do not have the second half?

Although Valentine's Day is a holiday of lovers, but a lonely person can celebrate it interesting and unforgettable. And how to spend this day, if the second half is not?

To note or not?

On Valentine's Day, all lovers meet and go to cafes, movies, restaurants or just spend time together. And what if there is not a second half yet? Stay at home and envy all those who spend time with loved ones? No, you should not do this.

Please yourself with souvenirs

And while you are not in love, but you love your friends, relatives, yourself, finally. So why not spend time with who you want, or just not to arrange an individual holiday? After all, sometimes we spend so little time on ourselves. Let Valentine's Day be a reason for you, finally, to pamper and indulge yourself. And let this holiday be remembered with positive impressions and emotions!

What if everyone crawls with questions?

How to respond to questions about the privacy of others? You can simply answer that personal life is personal and can not be discussed. Believe me, after such a response, the desire to continue the inquiry will disappear. And what if someone decided to regret you? Immediately stop these attempts!

This is not a tragedy.

Explain that you do not suffer without love (most likely they think so), and enjoy your free life. And you can say that you are waiting for your prince. What to do if you get an annoying and very curious interlocutor who wants to find out why you do not have the second half? Do not make excuses and start a long monologue about their shortcomings, which probably scare away the stronger sex. Say that while you are waiting for your beautiful prince.

Explain that you have very high demands on your beloved, and until that person is found who would be worthy of you. And you can stun the curious with the phrase: "I will certainly arrange a casting (or competition) to choose the best guy." Or laugh it off, saying that you made a vow of celibacy. Let the one who decided to find out all the details of your personal life, understand that you are definitely not worried about the lack of a loved one.

How to celebrate?

Sweets will help you out

How to celebrate Valentine's Day alone? There are plenty of options, so you’ll accurately choose something to your liking.

  1. Arrange a day of relaxation and beauty. Enroll in the spa and undergo a range of relaxing treatments. Go to a beauty salon and change the image. Change your hairstyle, hair color. Be sure to arrange shopping and get some new beautiful things. Who knows, perhaps, in an updated form, you can meet your fate unexpectedly on the feast of lovers. Miracles happen if you believe in them!
  2. If you have a lonely girlfriend or some friends, spend time with them. You can simply invite them home and have a pajama party, for example. And you can go to a nightclub, cinema or just for a walk in the park or in the forest. Have fun, enjoy the company of those who are dear to you!
  3. Arrange a truly exciting adventure! For example, if you have long wanted to visit some place, go to an area you have never been to, or go out of town or even to another city, make a trip on this day! Buy a ticket or get behind the wheel of a personal car and get ready to receive new interesting and vivid impressions. By the way, perhaps in another place you will find what you have been looking for.
  4. And you can arrange a real home holiday. Get enough sleep, allow yourself a little longer to soak in bed, get up, enjoy aromatic coffee and fresh croissants, read a magazine, watch your favorite movie, fill a bath with fragrant foam and immerse yourself in it, taking with you a glass of wine or champagne, peremery all your clothes, turn on to full volume music and dance. In general, do whatever you want, without thinking about anyone or about anything! You'll like it!
  5. Make a blind date. And let it seem crazy and stupid to you, but Saint Valentine will surely approve such an act and give you something unforgettable. Sign up on a dating site, find a nice guy and arrange a date for him. And let this meeting lead to nothing, but you will have an interesting and fun time. But a new acquaintance can end in a serious, long and fruitful relationship.
  6. Winter is not a reason to be sad, but time for real winter fun. Go to the rink or take a walk in the beautiful winter forest. Lie in the snow, go downhill on a sled, run, frolic, enjoy this time of year, all very soon it will end.
  7. If you are attracted to extreme ideas, then plan for February 14th something crazy.For example, you can ride a snowboard, jump with a parachute, or do something that you never did or feared.
  8. Arrange a culinary day. Prepare some unusual dish or order something tasty or unusual.
  9. Spend time with your family and friends, because these are people you love the most. Buy them gifts and valentines, do something nice for them.
  10. If you want to meet the other half, then take a piece of paper and a pen, sit down and write a list of the qualities of your ideal lover. Write all the things that you would like to see in a young man. Also list what is unacceptable to you. Describe not only character traits, but also features of appearance. If you are able to draw or use graphic editors, then make a portrait of the second half or an identikit.
  11. Fulfill your dream or even desire. For example, if you have long wanted to buy a red fitting dress in a fashionable store, then do it! Do not regret money at least on this day so that it will be remembered and, perhaps, become important and decisive. Probably, it is this gorgeous dress that will make that handsome man from the neighboring house, on which you have been looking for a long time, to pay attention to you.
  12. Devote a day to a hobby.If you are fond of knitting, then get new knitting needles and yarn, find an interesting pattern and knit something original and very beautiful.
  13. Just go for a walk around the city. Yes, even an aimless walk can end with a romantic date, which, in turn, will grow into a relationship.

How not to celebrate Valentine's Day?

Believe and you will meet her

How not to celebrate the holiday of lovers?

  • If you are invited to go for a walk by a familiar couple, for example, a friend and her boyfriend, do not agree in any way! You will feel very uncomfortable and, probably involuntarily, begin to envy.
  • Do not allow yourself to get depressed due to the absence of the second half. Enjoy your freedom, dream and know that all the best is waiting for you ahead.
  • Do not go to places where there are many lovers, for example, in popular cafes or restaurants. It is better to visit a less popular place, probably in it you will see free young people.

Let Valentine's Day be remembered!

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