How to celebrate New Year 2015 fun at home?

How to celebrate New Year 2015 fun at home?Time flies quickly, and most people are already beginning to wonder how they will celebrate the New Year 2015, symbolized by the Blue Wooden Goat, personifying home coziness and harmony. Goat prefers sitting friends, relatives at the table, sincere conversations. Therefore, celebrating the New Year at home will be an excellent idea.

New Year's Eve Entertainment at Home

Of course, a banal feast with toasts in turn is quite boring and ordinary. That is why you need to take care in advance how you will entertain your guests. It can be pre-designed scenarios, single contests and fun games.

Discuss the uniform in advance with the guests of the holiday, approve the role of the host. If the scenario for the New Year at home is designed in the form of a ball or masquerade, then the festive attire should be from natural fabrics, and from the color scale it is preferable - blue, green, yellow, white.You can dress up in fairy-tale or cinematic heroes, plunge into the Slavic culture.

Do not forget about the appropriate interior. Dress up the Christmas tree, hang out garlands, lit scented candles will add color to the holiday, place paper snowflakes on the windows and walls. Be sure to have Goat (or Sheep) figurines, ideally - wooden.How to celebrate New Year 2015 fun at home?

When the assembled guests ate some refreshment, you can begin the active phases of the New Year’s scenario at home. It can be funny miniatures as with a pre-rehearsed story, and with a share of improvisation from the guests. Be sure to come up with fast, not requiring special skills games for the New Year at home.

Due to climatic changes, snow does not always make us happy on New Year's Eve. But if he fell, then after the battle of the chimes go for a walk around the company. There you can arrange a snowman's modeling for a while, play snowballs (only be careful with the choice of goal).How to celebrate New Year 2015 fun at home?

New Year scenario with friends and family

If your guests are not tired of moving games or uttering endless toasts, then you should think about a special scenario. It will allow you to get to know those guests who are not so friendly, and make your party even more at ease.You should pre-stipulate the desire of your friends to take part in the theatrical performance. And, if they agree, discuss the costumes. So, one of the excellent scenarios of the New Year’s scenario at home will be playing the fairy tale “The Adventures of Masha and Vitya” or “Three nuts for Cinderella” or even several scenes from “Carnival Night”.How to celebrate New Year 2015 fun at home?

One of you, it's better, if it's the master of the house, will be leading. It will set the tone of the active program. Each will be given a different role, and then, in the framework of the scenario you chose a famous fairy tale or film, improvisation will begin. As a facilitator, you will only have to direct the course of the action. And do not forget about the prizes for the best role. They should also be taken care of in advance. If you adapt the scenario of the New Year story you like to your noisy company in advance, then the most merry New Year is waiting for you.How to celebrate New Year 2015 fun at home?

First of all, from this holiday are waiting for fun, solemn atmosphere and communication with loved ones. That's why it's so important to organize interesting contests, games or think through thematic scenarios. Your guests will certainly be satisfied if you carefully prepare for the New Year 2015.

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