How to certify documents?

Our site has already given many useful answers to many questions. Today’s article is no exception. The question of how to certify documents is one of the most popular when it comes to contacting the notary office. After all, everyone knows that a certified copy has the same legal force as the original. It may be necessary at registration of the inheritance, making a real estate transaction, as well as receiving payment of an allowance or loan. Here, many, as a rule, ordinary people of our country, and fall into some kind of shock, the main reason for which is ignorance in this matter. But the devil is not so terrible as it is painted. Let us see how to assure a copy of the document and what is needed for that. All you need is a passport, a photocopy of the document, which will be certified, as well as its original.

What can not be assured

First, you should make sure that with a specific document such operations are generally possible. After all, how to assure a copy of the document, if legally it is impossible? And some fraudulent “notary offices” often play on this.According to current legislation, notaries do not have the right to testify those documents on which there are no signatures of officials, stamps, date of adoption, as well as a registration number. The text of the document should not contain pencil notes, erasures and unspecified corrections.

It is also forbidden to notarize poorly readable, dilapidated and laminated documents, as well as those whose impressions are fuzzy, or the text of which is partially lost. A sufficient basis for refusal is also the execution of signatures using a facsimile stamp, or a color printer. When it comes to how to correctly certify documents consisting of several sheets, you should not forget that such documents must be numbered, stitched and sealed.


After finding out how to correctly assure a copy of the document, proceed to the preparation. Make the necessary number of copies of each sheet of the document. In cases where the information is located on both sides of the sheet, copies should also be two-sided. Each of the photocopies should be clear.All seals and signatures must be clearly distinguished, all texts are free to read.


Contact the notary office, having with you the three things already mentioned above (the original document, its copy and civil passport). Employees of the office check the compliance of documents in accordance with all the requirements, as well as verify copies with the originals. As a result, on the first pages in the upper right corners are stamped "copy", and in the lower right - stamps with a part of the name of the settlement. On the last pages of copies are stamped stating that a copy is witnessed, a stamp of a notary and a stamp containing the end of the name of the settlement.

As for who has the right to certify documents, only notaries with an appropriate license have the right to do so. Of course, that such a license must be presented by representatives of the notary office. At the end of the entire difficult and nervous process, you should sign certified copies at the notary, and then sign in a special register. In this personal registry office are recorded, and then displays all evidence of copies of documents.At the same time, your passport data, names of documents, the number of pages of these documents, as well as the number of certified copies are indicated.

On this, perhaps, that's all. In the end, we will advise everyone who is faced with the need to assure one, or else several documents for the first time in their lives, first of all not to lose vigilance. After all, in fact, it is not so scary and almost everyone has to face the procedure at least once in life. Good luck.

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